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Are Cocoplum berries edible?

Are Cocoplum berries edible?

Chrysobalanus icaco, the cocoplum, paradise plum, abajeru or icaco, is found near sea beaches and inland throughout tropical Africa, tropical Americas and the Caribbean, and in southern Florida and the Bahamas. icaco, and the seed inside the ridged shell it contains, are considered edible.

How far apart should you plant Cocoplum?

3 to 4 feet apart
Reaching a height of 15 feet and a spread of 15 feet, salt-tolerant Cocoplum grows in full sun or partial shade on a wide range of soils, needing little irrigation once established. Plant 3 to 4 feet apart to establish a hedge farther apart for a less formal affect in a shrub border.

How fast does Cocoplum grow?

It will take about 12 months for an acceptable hedge to develop. Hand prune once a year, or more if desired. Cocoplum can be used as an accent or specimen shrub or small tree in commercial or residential landscapes.

How do you take care of Cocoplum?

Water on a regular basis with time to let the plant dry out a bit between waterings. Once this shrub is well-established, it will tolerate a moderate amount of drought and watering only during dry spells, though it does better with regular irrigation.

What can you make with Cocoplum?

It’s also delicious on pancakes, Brie cheese, meat, or a charcuterie board. It adds a unique flavor, texture and color that will be sure to fascinate your dinner guests. This is the pulp after it was separated from the seeds. The pulp should form a thick liquid while it is cooking down.

Does Cocoplum make a good hedge?

Cocoplum, which is thick and fairly quick growing, may meet your needs. It does well as a hedge in a sunny location. It produces a small edible fruit and can grow to 15 feet high. Viburnum suspensum is a slower growing hedge that is dense and tolerates shade.

How do you make Cocoplum grow faster?

The Growth and Care of a Cocoplum Fertilizing may help speed the growth rate. Growing it in clusters will make it very dense and bushy. A single plant can bush out and take up a large amount of space, so keep plant spacing in mind when planting.

Can you propagate Cocoplum?

Propagated by seed and cuttings, Cocoplum is a moderately difficult to multiply. One grower insists that warm temperatures are the key to the successful propagation of this plant. She doesn’t fool with seeds and only takes cuttings in the spring to take advantage of consistent warm temperatures.

What is a Cocoplum tree?

coco plum, also called Icaco, (species Chrysobalanus icaco), evergreen tree, in the family Chrysobalanaceae, native to tropical America and Africa. The tree, up to 9 m (30 feet) tall, has roundish shiny green leaves and clusters of white flowers.

How do you cook Cocoplum?

Wash the cocoplums and add them to a large pot. Cover with water and cook on medium with the lid off. I mash them periodically with a potato masher. After about an hour, the cocoplums will be soft.

Is Cocoplum native?

Cocoplum (Chrysobalanus icaco) is an evergreen shrub or small tree native to swamps and coastal dunes and hammocks in Central and South Florida. It produces flowers and fruits throughout the year, with the peak bloom occurring winter through spring.