Are there any outdated tweaks in FSX?

Are there any outdated tweaks in FSX?

There are some outdated tweaks – leftovers from earlier version of FSX (SP1 or base version without any Service Packs) or even earlier version of Flight Simulator. I will indicate in this guide which values change positions of sliders in FSX settings. Be aware that changes in FSX settins may overwrite your fsx.cfg tweaks.

Should I use the FSX display menu?

Be aware that changes in FSX settins may overwrite your fsx.cfg tweaks. In my opinion it’s best not to use FSX display menu at all. It is a simple configuration file that uses single line commands containing a name of the setting and value with “=” character in between. Section headers are wrapped in square brackets.

How do I check the current FPS in FSX?

There is a very simple way to check the current FPS (frames per second) in FSX before you apply and test any tweaks in this document. You should have a flight loaded and the aircraft placed at the location you wish to check the frame rate for. You should then press SHIFT + Z to load up the informational display at the top of the screen.

Is there a tips and tweaks guide for Microsoft Flight Simulator X?

Welcome to my Tips and Tweaks guide to Microsoft Flight Simulator X with SP2. This is a compilation of various ideas, tips, configuration changes, and tweaks which may (or may not!) improve your experience with FSX. Like its predecessors, FSX is very demanding of your hardware.

What processor does mymy FSX run on?

My FSX runs on Intel [email protected] with GTX660Ti GPU, 8GB of RAM and Windows 10. Microsoft is bringing its Flight Simulator series back. After years of silence, after the failure of MS Flight, after selling the rights to FSX and ESP… Microsoft has just announced a new flight simulator.

How to add uiautomation core to FSX?

As I already wrote – make sure that you have SP2 or Acceleration or FSX:SE installed. Add UIAutomationCore.dll to your FSX folder. Then navigate to your fsx.cfg location and make a backup copy. Then you may proceed with obligatory HIGHMEMFIX. Now you are ready to start tweaking and testing your FSX.

Are the tweaks in this section safe to use in flight simulator?

The tweaks in this section have been checked to be harmless to the flight simulator. But, in case of FPS drops or other bugs, it is highly suggested that you erase the last tweak/s that you have added to your “fsx.CFG” file.

Why can’t I change the slider settings in FSX display settings?

Some fsx.cfg settings may have higher values then full right position of a slider in FSX settings. From what I observed these are: That is why you should not do any changes in FSX display settings after you set this values in fsx.cfg.

What does the double slash mean in FSX?

For example: [GRAPHICS]. Double slash – // – marks comment – a part of line (or the whole line) that will be ignored by FSX. Your fsx.cfg may include more lines that I described here. I omitted elements that should not be edited and some that are not relevant to performance and graphics.