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Can CV be greater than CP?

Can CV be greater than CP?

The heat capacity at constant pressure CP is greater than the heat capacity at constant volume CV , because when heat is added at constant pressure, the substance expands and work. QV = CV T = U + W = U because no work is done.

What is CP divided by CV?

cp = cv + R The specific heat constants for constant pressure and constant volume processes are related to the gas constant for a given gas.

Is adiabatic process quasi static?

Adiabatic Processes An adiabatic process can be conducted either quasi-statically or non-quasi-statically. When a system expands adiabatically, it must do work against the outside world, and therefore its energy goes down, which is reflected in the lowering of the temperature of the system.

Which work done is more adiabatic or isothermal?

Bottom line: The magnitude of the work for the isothermal process for both expansion and compression is greater than the magnitude of the work for the adiabatic process. Although the adiabatic compression work is less negative than the isothermal compression work, the amount of work depends only on its magnitude.

How is adiabatic constant calculated?

The ratio of CP to CV (CP/CV) for a gas is known as the specific heat ratio or adiabatic index and usually denoted by the Greek letter gamma ( ). For an ideal monoatomic gas (e.g. Helium, Argon etc), the adiabatic index is 5/3 or 1.67. For monoatomic gases, CV = 3R/2 and CP = 5R/2 (where R is universal gas constant).

How do you solve adiabatic expansion problems?

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