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Can you visit the Sahara desert?

Can you visit the Sahara desert?

When to Visit the Sahara Desert The Sahara can be visited year round, except for the summer months of July and August when it gets way too hot. Expect temperatures of around 40 to 55 degrees Celsius in summer. Temperatures drop below freezing at night during the Saharan winter (and especially in December and January).

Can you go to the desert from Marrakech?

The journey from Marrakech to the Sahara Desert is arguably one of the most beautiful in all of Morocco. It takes around 10-13 hours to get from Marrakech to Merzouga, but some people choose to break up the journey with overnight stops in Ouarzazate and/or Dades/Tinghir along the way.

How long does it take to get from Marrakech to the Sahara desert?

Duration: 4.5 – 12.5 hours, There are several options from Marrakech into the Sahara Desert, bus, helicopter or car. Most travelers choose to go by car with a private driver. A car will cover the 249 miles (561 km) in roughly 9 hours.

What can tourists do in the Sahara desert?

7 Things to do in the Sahara Desert (Besides Riding a Camel)

  • Ride a quad bike.
  • Desert Spa Day.
  • Stargazing.
  • Sand surfing.
  • Sit around the camp fire.
  • Spot wildlife.
  • Watch the sunset (or sunrise!)

What is the closest city to the Sahara Desert?

The easiest and most accessible way to get to the Sahara is via Morocco, with Marrakech the closest major city to the desert.

What is the most important tourist Centre in Sahara Desert?

Temple of Hibis It is probably the most preserved temple ever found in the Kharga Desert amid the Sahara Desert. The reason why this place is more popular among the tourists than any other destination or tourist place in the Sahara Desert is it is well preserved and has a historical link.

How long is the Zagora Desert Tour in Morocco?

The 2 days 1 night tour to Zagora desert is a condensed experience that lets the traveller enjoy a big part of Morocco’s landscapes, geography and lifestyles.

What can you do in the Sahara Desert?

Visit many attractions along the way including the Kasbah of Ait Ben Haddou, the Rose Valley, the Dades and Todra Gorges, and an overnight tent stay in the Sahara Desert with a camel ride. Enjoy a more personalized experience with a small group of no more than 6 guests.

What to do in Morocco for the first time?

Explore Morocco’s Erg Chebbi dunes—and spend the night under the stars in a Berber-style desert camp—on this overnight tour from Merzouga. Begin with a camel ride across the sand; upon arrival at your camp, take in the sights, try sandboarding, and settle down for a traditional tagine dinner and sweet mint tea.

What is a Sahara desert camel trip?

This Sahara Desert Camel Trip, will take you in a geunine Sahara experience through the Erg Chebb and Merzouga sand dunes.