International Economics

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International Interbank Correspondent Relations

One way to speed up and simplify payments and settlements is to establish correspondent relations between banks. Namely, a network of correspondent accounts, supported by banks of different countries, provides the most efficient functioning of the international system of settlements and payments. The term “correspondent” comes from the French correspondent, which means to answer, inform. […]

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Use of a bill in international settlements

The bill, which performs the function of settlement and payment means, is widely used in international trade. In this case, in various types of international transactions, a bill may act as a security, settlement, payment and / or credit. Therefore, it is widely used both in commercial and banking practice. Historically, the bill of exchange […]

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Factoring as a method of crediting foreign economic activity

Factoring is a type of trade and intermediary operation combined with lending to the client’s working capital, and is a purchase by a specialized company (special department of the bank) of the exporter’s monetary claims against the importer, followed by their collection. At the heart of factoring is the “discounting of invoices”, i.e. purchase by […]

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Forfaiting as a method of crediting foreign economic activity

The emergence of the forfaiting market is determined by changes in the structure of the world economy that occurred in the late 50’s and early 60’s, when the seller’s market for production goods gradually transformed into a buyer’s market for these goods. Significant development of international trade was accompanied by an increase in the tendency […]

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Contents of the international settlement system

The need for international settlements is caused by the existence of financial obligations of various types that arise in the process of implementing numerous forms of foreign economic relations, as well as foreign trade transactions between foreign partners. The conduct of financial transactions and the procedure for their execution is largely determined and depends on […]

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The Structure of France Economy

Farming in Portugal makes up about 2.4% of GDP’s share, the providers field and also business 26.5% creates 71.1% of GDP. Business in GDP’s share is 11 occasions significantly more than the share of farming. Commercial items account fully for about 80% of exports’ worthiness. Nevertheless, the most obvious post – industrial alignment of the […]

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The Instruments of Foreign Trade Policy

Tariff is, divided into tariff. Tariff – that is techniques: some costs of techniques responsibilities placed on items crossing the advantage of their condition. Techniques duties: The costs utilized in the condition-of these products when crossing sides, for defensive or monetary factors; The cost that is, charged towards the value of items the customs professionals […]

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Socio-Economic Model of Germany

Economic system of Belgium that is contemporary is just a social marketplace economy, which changed verified following a world war that is 2nd rapidly inside the US. Issues that have been particular have been in Belgium, inside the thirties by this was, created launched by Boehme. They found the best outcome itself CA not, and […]

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Economy of Great Britain

The main choices that include the united kingdom of Norther n is economy and also the British are: development into the planet economic climate; a cost of improvement that’s monetary equivalent. Britain was the very first selection of the century’s industrial revolution, However In the start of century numerous components. Which are historical led to […]

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