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Does a Peugeot 308 have CarPlay?

Does a Peugeot 308 have CarPlay?

Sat nav and infotainment You can bypass Peugeot’s system because Apple CarPlay and Android Auto smartphone mirroring come as standard.

Does Peugeot 308 2016 have Apple CarPlay?

Inside, Peugeot has also given its 308 a new infotainment system, displayed on a 9.7in capacitive touchscreen. The infotainment also gains Apple CarPlay, Android Auto and MirrorLink smartphone mirroring.

How do I get Apple CarPlay on my Peugeot 308?

Connect iPhone to 308’s USB port

  1. Connect your Apple iPhone to your Peugeot 308 USB port using an Apple-approved Lightning-to-USB cable.
  2. Accept Apple CarPlay terms and conditions, if any appear.
  3. Touch Allow on your iPhone when prompted.
  4. After a few seconds Apple CarPlay will launch on your 308’s infotainment system.

Does 2017 Peugeot 308 have Apple CarPlay?

How do I update the map on my Peugeot 308?

The Peugeot Navigation Store is your official online source for 308 GPS navigation system map updates. For most model years, the map is loaded onto a DVD that can be installed at home. The specific media type for your 308 update is listed on the product page. The 308 features fresh data that helps improve routing accuracy and fuel economy.

What are the benefits of the 308 navigation system?

The 308 features fresh data that helps improve routing accuracy and fuel economy. These optimizations complement the many benefits of your in-vehicle navigation system. Unlike cell phone apps that feature small screens and even smaller buttons, the 308 navigation system is designed for driving.

Where do I find the VIN number on a Peugeot 308?

The VIN is often found on the driver’s side dashboard just beneath the windshield. The VIN is also commonly listed on the vehicle title, registration card, and insurance documents. To access the map update for your Peugeot 308, click the appropriate model year of your vehicle.