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Does Mo Bettahs have musubi?

Does Mo Bettahs have musubi?

Mo’ Bettahs Hawaiian Style Food Favorite is Katsu Chicken & Teri Chicken & you gotta get da white rice & mac. Just wish they made spam Musubi too.”

How many Mo Bettahs are in Utah?

22 locations
Mo’Bettahs currently has 22 locations in Utah and Idaho.

Is Mo Bettahs a chain?

Mo’ Bettahs, a Utah-based Hawaiian food chain with 22 locations in Utah and Idaho, is planning to open a franchise at 75th and Metcalf in Overland Park. Utah-based Hawaiian food chain Mo’ Bettahs plans to open a restaurant at 7006 W. 75th St., a space previously occupied by KFC.

Is Mo a Bettahs in Hawaii?

In 2008, brothers Kimo and Kalani Mack opened the doors to Mo’ Bettah Steaks now Mo’ Bettahs Hawaiian Style in Bountiful, Utah. The goal was to transport guests to an authentic Hawaiian island experience, like they had where they grew up in Oahu, Hawai’i.

What is in Mo Bettahs sauce?

Sauce Choice

  • Teriyaki Sauce – our thickened sweet soy sauce.
  • Katsu Sauce – Ketchup based, sweet with a kick.
  • c) Mo’ Bettah Sauce – ketchup based, mild BBQ sauce.

Is Mo Bettahs Keto friendly?

Keto friendly and ready to eat! Pulehu Steak with Kalua Pig and a side salad please!

What kind of food is Mo Bettah?

Hawaiian Style
Authentic Hawaiian Style Food We use only the finest ingredients. Our steaks are grilled to perfection, the chicken thighs are boneless/skinless, and everything is cooked fresh.

Is Mo Bettah sauce spicy?

The teriyaki sauce at Mo’ Bettah was delicious, just-sweet and a little spicy. The meat was quite lean (especially by the fat-loving standards of Hawaiian restaurants), juicy and of surprising quality considering the price.

What kind of food is Mo Bettahs?

“Mo’ Bettahs will offer Hawaiian style food unlike anything Dallas has experienced before. We are confident Dallasites will enjoy items like our freshly grilled chicken, marinated, and topped with our signature teriyaki sauce and paired with our one-of-a-kind macaroni salad,” says Rob Ertmann, Mo’ Bettahs President.

What does Mo Betta mean?

Mo bettah. If you want to express something that is excellent, you can’t go wrong putting your Hawaiian pidgin in practice with mo bettah.

Who started Mo Betta shirts?

Maury Tate
Maury Tate, the founder of the “Mo” Betta clothing line and a big name in national rodeo circles, was the 2008 inductee into the WOSC Alumni Hall of Fame.

What is a Brushpopper shirt?

Brushpopper shirts are water-repellent, wind, dust, & sand-resistant work shirts.