Does SAA still fly 747?

Does SAA still fly 747?

Service was increased to daily flights in July 2006, and the 747-400 was replaced by an Airbus A340-600. Because SAA could not obtain rights to fly passengers between Ghana and the US, Dakar replaced Accra as the intermediate stop. In 2010, SAA retired the last of its 747-400 fleet.

How big is the fuel tank on a Boeing 747?

Boeing 747 Specs Table

Boeing 747 100 Boeing 747 200
Maximum Taxi Weight (MTW) 738,000 lbs 334,750 Kg 836,000 lbs 379,202 Kg
Maximum Takeoff Weight (MTOW) 735,000 lbs 333,400 Kg 833,000 lbs 374,850 Kg
Maximum Fuel Capacity 48,445 US Gal. 183,380 Litres 52,410 US Gal. 199,158 Litres

Who owns SAA now?

South African Airways will now be 51% owned by a private consortium, Public Enterprises Minister Pravin Gordhan announced Friday. At a virtual press conference, Gordhan said “The government has agreed that the financial partner will hold 51% of the shares and the government 49%.”

How many 747 did SAA have?

747-300. South African Airways have operated six 747-300 aircraft through its history.

What happened to SAA’s Boeing 747SPs?

ZS-SPA and ZS-SPF were the first of the 747SPs to be leased to another airline, going to Luxair for several months at the end of 1980. By the end of 1985, all six of the SAA 747SPs had been leased to one airline or another. In September of 1986 SAA managed to trim its 747SP fleet by one when it sold ZS-SPD to Royal Air Maroc.

How long did the South African Airways 747SP era last?

All told, the South African Airways 747SP era spanned just over 30 years, covering millions of miles flown and hundreds of thousands of flight hours. The 747SP, in combination with other 747 models, transformed SAA from a regional African air carrier to a truly international airline.

What does SP mean on a Boeing 747?

While shortening the 747’s fuselage increased the fuel fraction and thus range, it also meant that seating capacity was reduced. The SP suffix in 747SP stands for Special Performance, and points to the ultra long range abilities of this 747 variant that preceded the later 747-400 by 15 years.

Which airlines have operated the Boeing 747SP?

South African Airways was one of the biggest proponents of the 747SP. In July of 1974 the airline became one of the first airlines to buy the still developmental airplane.