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How do I find my USTA junior rank?

How do I find my USTA junior rank?

Players will be able to search for their junior rating online. Players must have at least four match results in TennisLink to receive a rating. Click here to find your rating! You must be logged in to your USTA account in order to search for a junior rating level.

How do you get ranked in junior tennis?

Ranking Points are earned by winning singles and doubles matches at various types of USTA national tournaments, sectional tournaments, and designated ITF tournaments. Extra Ranking Points are earned for winning singles matches over highly ranked players.

Who is the number 1 junior tennis player?

Juncheng Shang
Junior Tennis Rankings – ITF Boys

# Player
1 Juncheng Shang(CHN) Graph
2 Daniel Rincon(ESP) Graph
3 Samir Banerjee(USA) Graph
4 Bruno Kuzuhara(USA) Graph

Do JTT matches count towards UTR?

In a nutshell all Sanctioned NorCal yellow ball junior events count towards UTR®, as well as Men’s and Women’s Open events. Only SINGLES matches are used to calculate a player’s UTR®. The rating takes into account the level of both opponents, as well as the score of the match.

What is the highest USTA ranking?

Adult NTRP Ratings: The rating scale for adults starts with 2.0, progressing to 2.5, 3.0, 3.5, 4.0, etc., until 7.0, which is the highest rating given to world-class players with ATP/WTA points. USTA Rankings/Standings: The ranking system uses a Points Per Round Combined Ranking System (PPR).

How do USTA rankings work?

USTA Rankings/Standings: Adult and junior standings and rankings are based on results from the best six tournaments for each player during the past 12 months. A player may have played in more than six tournaments; however, only the results from the six best tournaments will count for rankings and standings.

What are the USTA rankings?

Anyway, here’s the actual breakdown of what USTA ratings mean:

  • 2.0: Total and utter beginner.
  • 2.5: Just starting out but can hit the ball over the net with some regularity if it’s hit soft enough.
  • 3.0: Beginner-ish.
  • 3.5: Yay!
  • 4.0: Played high school tennis and for whatever reason.

What NTRP rating are college players?

a 7.0 player is a player with earnings greater than expenses. A 6.5 is someone who is on the tour, but doesn’t earn enough to cover expenses. As the USTA guidlines say, 6.0 is someone ranked above #400 as well as ITA Div 1 ranked college players. 5.5 is the minimum self-rating for D1 players, but so what?

How USTA rankings are calculated?

How do I Find my USTA junior rating level?

You must be logged into your USTA account in order to search for a junior rating level. If you have not participated in any of these events in the last 18 months, of if you are new to USTA-sanctioned competition, you will need to complete the self-rate process. Players should rate themselves based on their overall tennis ability.

How many points do you need to win a USTA junior tournament?

2021 USTA JUNIOR TOURNAMENTS RANKING SYSTEM 2 2021 Point Tables Point tables updated as of 1/25/21. Points Per Win at Level 6 and 7 ONLY; Round Robin Table for L3 – L5 Level 3 Level 4 Level 5 Level 6 Level 7 Points for Winning Level (used to determine fixed points for winning round) 900 540 300 120 32

What is the USTA’s new national tournament structure?

On January 1, 2021, the USTA instituted a new national tournament structure that creates a unified and consistent system for all 17 sections. This new structure will deliver tennis in a more efficient and player-friendly format. In addition, we have instituted a new digital platform alongside this new tournament structure.

How is each junior ranking list calculated?

Each list is made up of points from junior tournaments on a rolling 52-week basis. To understand how points and your ranking is calculated please view the Rankings information video here . This video covers topics such as how to factor in bonus points when determining players’ top six tournament results.