How do I put my shop vac together?

How do I put my shop vac together?

How to Assemble a Shop-Vac

  1. Open the box, remover the contents, and spread them out on the floor.
  2. Look inside the main tank to find additional parts.
  3. Separate the four plastic caster feet from the plastic webbing that holds then together.
  4. Insert the four wheels into the caster feet.

Which way does shop vac float go?

The correct way is to place the cup open-side down inside inside the float assembly so the closed side of the cup faces up. The trapped air inside the cup will make the cup float up when submerged in water, as in when you’re using it as a wet vac.

Can I run my shop vac without a filter?

You may use a shop vac without a filter while cleaning an open space. But if you must clean an enclosed space and avoid cases where the wet dry vac blows dust back into the air, cleaning with a filter is installed. Hence, the purpose of vacuuming is defiled.

Why is my shop vac not suctioning?

The most common causes of loss of suction are dirty filters or a clog in the hose. To troubleshoot, remove the hose from the vacuum, place your hand at the opening of the tank inlet and turn the vac on. If no clogs are found, check the hose for a hole or crack – even a small crack can cause a loss of suction.

Can you hook a hose to a shop vac?

Some Shop Vacs have a “water pump” feature. You can attach a garden hose to a side port on the vac, and rather than just dumping the water in the canister, it will actually pump the water to another location. If you do not have such a vac, you can suck water until the canister fills up.

How do you use a shop vac to pick up water?


  1. Remove the Bag. During wet operation, wet/dry vacuums never use collection bags.
  2. Change or Remove the Filters.
  3. Attach the Wet Nozzle.
  4. Plug Into a GFCI Outlet.
  5. Vacuum the Water.
  6. Filter Out the Debris.
  7. Safely Dispose of the Water.
  8. Clean and Disinfect the Canister and Accessories.

What is a wet dry Shop Vac?

A wet dry vac is a heavy duty vacuum cleaner that is primarily used in garages and workshops and can vacuum up both wet messes and dry messes of any kind. They are also called shop vacs. They are extremely handy when you have a water problem in your basement or for heavy cleanup in the shop such as saw dust.

What is a shop vac filter?

The Shop-Vac ® ® cloth filter bag is made from durable cotton material, this cloth filter is perfect for pick up of larger debris and dry material. Shop-Vac ® ® Mighty Mini Filter pack includes three disposable filter bags and one secondary filter. Use these filters to pick up general household dry debris. These filters fit all Mighty Mini Vacuums.

What is a shop vacuum?

A shop vac, or wet/dry vacuum, is an industrial-strength vacuum cleaner that vacuums virtually anything and comes in many sizes. It even has capabilities to vacuum water. A shop vac is also durable enough that it will pick up sharp items, such as nails, without ruining the hose or its mechanisms.