How do I save an AXE as a picture in Matlab?

How do I save an AXE as a picture in Matlab?

Direct link to this answer Use imwrite() if you just want to save the image you display. If you want to save the axes or figure, use export_fig().

How do I save a Matlab graph as a PNG?


  1. Save Figure as PNG File. Create a bar chart and save it as a PNG file. x = [2 4 7 2 4 5 2 5 1 4]; bar(x); saveas(gcf,’Barchart.png’)
  2. Save Figure as EPS File. Create a bar chart and save it as an EPS file.
  3. Save Simulink Block Diagram as BMP File. Save a Simulink block diagram named ‘sldemo_tank’ as a BMP file.

How do I save a plotted image in Matlab?

You can save plots as images or as vector graphics files using either the export button in the axes toolbar, or by calling the exportgraphics function.

How do I save a heatmap as a image in Matlab?

Path=strcat(‘C:\Users\Admin\Documents\MATLAB\h3. jpg’; saveas(gcf,Path);

How do you save an AXE as a picture?

Accepted Answer Process the image in whatever way you want. Call imshow() to display the image in the axes. Call uiputfile() to get an output filename. Call imwrite() to save the image to disk.

How do I use Imsave in MATLAB?

imsave( h ) creates a Save Image tool associated with the image specified by the handle h . [ filename , user_canceled ] = imsave(___) returns the full path to the file selected in filename and indicates whether you canceled the save operation.

How do I save a python file as a PNG?

To save plot figure as JPG or PNG file, call savefig() function on matplotlib. pyplot object. Pass the file name along with extension, as string argument, to savefig() function.

How do I use Imsave in Matlab?

How do you save a figure in PNG format with the name sine curve?

Highlight the file sine.eps for 2 seconds and

  1. Save plots using the savefig() function.
  2. Save the plots in different formats like – pdf – ps – png – svg – eps.

How do you export data in Matlab?

You can export a cell array from MATLAB® workspace into a text file in one of these ways:

  1. Use the writecell function to export the cell array to a text file.
  2. Use fprintf to export the cell array by specifying the format of the output data.

How do I export a figure in Matlab?

Use the File > Export Setup dialog. Use Edit > Copy Figure to copy the figure’s content to the system clipboard. For details, see Customize Figure Before Saving and Copy Figure to Clipboard from Edit Menu.

Where does Imwrite save to MATLAB?

imwrite creates the new file in your current folder. The bit depth of the output image depends on the data type of A and the file format. For most formats: If A is of data type uint8 , then imwrite outputs 8-bit values.