How do you calculate BSA for an amputee?

How do you calculate BSA for an amputee?

When calculating the dose of chemotherapy in the presence of amputation, many physicians borrow the rule of nines from burn medicine as a way to estimate BSA. The rule provides a practical estimate for the percentage of BSA and divides the body into areas of roughly 9% of BSA.

How do you calculate amputation?

Example Calculation A male patient is 5 foot, 8 inches tall and has a full arm amputation. The first task is to determine his Ideal Body Weight at the current height: For a man, use 106 pounds for the first 5 feet and then add 6 pounds for each additional inch: 106 lbs + (6 lbs per inch x 8 inches) = 154 pounds.

How do you weigh an amputee?

BMI Calculations for Amputees So, if an amputee has lost 3% of his/her body weight as a result of the amputation, the “true” body weight would be the present weight times 100 divided by 97.

How much does an above knee amputation weigh?

The weight of your prosthetic leg will depend on the type of prosthesis it is and its components. An average below knee prosthesis will weigh around 4 pounds and an average above knee prosthesis will weigh around 8-10 pounds.

How do you calculate BMI for amputations?

How is BMI calculated?

  1. Step 1 – Calculate estimated body weight. We= W0/(1-P)
  2. Step 2 – Calculate estimated BMI. Estimated BMI = [estimated body weight (lb)/height (in)2] x 703. Estimated BMI = [We(lb)/height(in)2] x 703. For P, we used the following estimates for percentage of total body mass for common amputation levels.

How do you measure the height of an amputee?

How to Calculate the Height in Amputees for Measurements in the HD03 Monitor

  1. Height = Height (before amputation) x (times) K.
  2. Example:
  3. Height for Input into Parameter’s screen:
  4. 65 x 0.88 = 57.2 inches (height used for input) or.

How much does a female leg weigh?

Mean Segment Weights

Segment Males Females
Total Leg 16.68 18.43
Thigh 10.5 11.75
Leg 4.75 5.35
Foot 1.43 1.33

How do you calculate the nutritional needs of an amputee?

After getting the total amount of weight lost, divide your lost weight by your pre-amputation weight to get the total percentage. With the amount of weight lost in percentage, subtract your post-amputation weight loss from 100 to get the total amount of weight that you have left.