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How do you include courses in a CV?

How do you include courses in a CV?

Put Them in Their Proper Place If you’ve taken courses that have taught you something that will help you on the job, by all means, include them on your resume, she says. Just keep the list of courses short, and confine them to a single, small area, such as a Professional Training section under your work history.

What does Google look for in interns?

The first thing the recruiters at Google will see is your resume or CV. Focus on successful, tangible outcomes of different projects you have worked on. Tell them about leadership roles you’ve held and give them numbers. How much did you increase sales by?

What internships pay the most?

Top 10 highest-paying internships for 2019Salesforce. Median Monthly Pay: $7,667. Google. Median Monthly Pay: $7,500. Microsoft. Median Monthly Pay: $7,250. Uber. Median Monthly Pay: $7,167. Bloomberg L.P. Median Monthly Pay: $7,000. Capital One. Median Monthly Pay: $7,000. Apple. Median Monthly Pay: $6,667. Bank of America.

Is $20 an hour good for an internship?

Failure is always relative; $20/hr for an internship is pretty good compared to the unpaid internships offered in other fields. You may very well be able to get an internship paying $40/hr or even higher next summer. You’ll need to stop moping first and start working hard.

Which company is best for internship?

The 10 companies with the best summer internships, according to current internsCohnReznick.Newell Brands. Google. Facebook. EY. L’Oréal. GE. GE offers internships in 83 locations across 43 different countries. Dell Technologies. The computer and technology company is serious about hiring more college students.

What are the best internships?

100 Best Internships for 2020Best Consulting Internship: Bates White Summer Consultant Program.Best Energy Internship: Exelon Internship Program.Best Financial Services Internship: AFLAC Summer Internship Program.Best Healthcare Internship: Abbott Internship Program.Best Retail & Consumer Products Internship: RAI Internship Program.

What makes a great internship?

A great internship provides the knowledge and skills required to become successful in a specific career field. Employers spend a great deal of time and money on training their new employees, and they know that they can eliminate a lot of this time by hiring someone with previous knowledge and experience.

What should I do during internship?

Here are six things career experts say every intern should do within the first month to be successful:Make a great impression. Ask questions, and carry a notebook. Set up coffee meetings with your co-workers. Offer to help on additional projects. Don’t leave at night without stopping by your boss’ desk.