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How do you increase Gunboat energy in boom beach?

How do you increase Gunboat energy in boom beach?

The Gunboat provides fire support and battlefield supplies to your troops. It can also relay movement orders with Flares. Upgrade your Headquarters to access new Gunboat abilities, and upgrade the Gunboat to increase its Energy capacity.

How do you master in boom beach?

Boom Beach: Top 10 tips, tricks, and cheats!

  1. Upgrade or reinforce before quitting.
  2. Upgrade saw mills as fast as you can.
  3. Stone and iron come after wood.
  4. Scout areas and plan your attacks.
  5. Attack bases as quickly as possible.
  6. Use trees as lumber, especially early on.
  7. Build as many residences as you can.

How much damage does Artillery do Boom Beach?


Level Damage Research Cost
1 700 N/A
2 777 10,400
3 862 20,900
4 957 44,000

What is barrage in boom beach?

Summary. The Barrage is the 5th weaponry unlocked for the Gunboat. The Barrage is unlocked at Headquarters level 10. The Barrage fires 15 missiles in quick succession that can damage buildings and trigger Mines, Boom Mines, and Shock Mines.

How do you get a scorcher in boom beach?

The Scorcher is unlocked at Headquarters level 18. Each Scorcher costs 8 Gunboat Energy to deploy. After attacking a building for a few seconds, the Scorcher will change targets even if its target is not destroyed yet. The Scorcher can return to Buildings that it has targeted before.

Can Zookas Outrange flamethrowers?

The Flamethrower’s range is less than the Zooka’s, which generally allows a Zooka to destroy a Flamethrower without taking damage. However, if you are not careful and allow a Zooka to get in range of the Flamethrower, it will kill the Zooka very quickly.

What does a shock bomb do in boom beach?

The Shock Bomb is the 4th weapon unlocked for the Gunboat. It is unlocked at Headquarters level 7. The Shock Bomb can be used to stun enemy Defensive Buildings (except Mines, Boom Mines, and Shock Mines) in an area, but if your own troops are in the area when the Shock Bomb lands, then they will be stunned too.

What is the maximum amount of energy a gunboat can boost?

They would have to have a level 23 Gunboat with the best possible energy boost Masterpiece and ten of the best possible energy boost Guardian, and boosted all eleven statues with Power Powder . Under the same conditions except without any boosted statues, the maximum possible energy is 166.

What can you do with the gunboat?

The Gunboat gives you the use of Gunboat Abilities like firing Artillery Shells and Health Kits. You can also get the ability to shoot Flares so you can maneuver your Troops over the island. Check out all the available Gunboat Abilities.

What happens when you upgrade the gunboat?

Each upgrade of the Gunboat results in more starting Energy. You can use your Gunboat normally even while it’s being upgraded. Each time a Gunboat Ability is used during an attack, it becomes more expensive to use again. During your attack you receive 3 Energy for each building you destroy.

What does gunboat level 10 allow you to do?

Gunboat level 10 allows you to save 2 different troop loadouts, and more are unlocked at Gunboat levels 13, 16, 19 and 21. Check out our Energy Cost Calculator to find out how much energy you will use in an attack.