How do you pronounce the year 2011?

How do you pronounce the year 2011?

You can say either two thousand and eleven or twenty eleven. The pattern continues for the rest of the “teens” years, or until the long form (“two thousand and..”) falls out of fashion – whichever comes first.

How do you pronounce the year 2010?

“NAGG has decided to step in and decree that (2010) should officially be pronounced ‘twenty ten,’ and all subsequent years should be pronounced as ‘twenty eleven,’ ‘twenty twelve,’ etc.,” proclaims the association’s news release.

How do you say year 2001?

Thus, you might hear: “Two-thousand and twenty,” or “Two-oh-two-oh,” and “Two-thousand-and-fifteen,” “two-thousand-fifteen,” or “two-thousand-one-hundred-and-fifteen.” Business people would shorten the form to “twenty” and to “fifteen.” The year 2001 is regularly pronounced as “two-thousand-one,” or in a short form, ” …

How do you say year 2012?

2012: twenty twelve (British and American) or two thousand and twelve (British)/two thousand twelve (American).

How do you pronounce 2008?

“two thousand and eight” is the usual way.

How do you say 1908?

  1. 1900 => nineteen hundreds nineteen hundred The year itself is singular (no s).
  2. 1908 => nineteen O eight This is very common (the 0 is pronounced like the letter, not like the number.)
  3. 1955 => nineteen fifty-five yes, as far as I know.
  4. 2000 => two thousand yes, as far as I know.

How do you say 2008?

For the years 2001 to 2010, the most common way of saying the year is two thousand and + number.

  1. 2001 = two thousand and one.
  2. 2005 = two thousand and five.
  3. 2008 = two thousand and eight.

How do you say 2013 in English?

Two thousand and thirteen .

How do you pronounce the year 1901?

Why is the year 2001 pronounced ‘two-thousand one’ but 1901 is pronounced ‘nineteen-oh-one’? – Quora. Because “one thousand nine hundred and 0ne” is awkward.

How do you pronounce 1900?

We pronounce 1923 as nineteen twenty-three; but 1900 as nineteen hundred.