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How do you read a propeller model number?

How do you read a propeller model number?

The propeller serial number is impression stamped on the hub. Generally, you will find it begins with a two letter prefix followed by a series of numbers. The prefix denotes the basic propeller model and the numbers indicate the sequence of production.

How do you read an aircraft propeller number?

The propeller diameter is a result of the difference between the first two digits and the dash number at the end of the blade model number. For example in the blade model 90DA-2 the propeller will have an 88 inch diameter (90 inches minus 2 equals 88 inches). The “DA” indicates the blade design.

What type of propeller is on a Cessna 172?

A Flight-Resource 79-inch 3-blade option is now approved along with the popular 83-inch 2-blade configuration for all Cessna 170, 172 and 175 that are powered by a Lycoming -360 series engine.

How do you read a propeller size?

Propeller size is expressed with two numbers, diameter and pitch, with diameter always stated first. Diameter is two times the distance from the center of the hub to the tip of any blade. Smaller prop diameters generally go with smaller engines, or with fast high performing boats.

How big is a Cessna 172 propeller?

For instance, the owner’s manual for Cessna 172A through -H models (a Continental six-cylinder 145-horsepower O-300 engine) specifies a McCauley propeller with a 76-inch diameter and a 53-degree pitch. In 1968 the 172 got a new engine when Cessna installed a Lycoming four-cylinder 150-hp O-320.

How are model airplane propellers measured?

Scale RC aircraft propellers are usually specified as diameter × pitch, given in inches. For example, a 5×3 propeller has a diameter of 5 inches, and a pitch of 3 inches. The pitch is the distance that the propeller would advance if turned through one revolution in a solid medium.

Does Cessna 172 have variable pitch propeller?

Cessna introduced a retractable landing gear version of the 172 in 1980 and named it the Cutlass 172RG. The Cutlass featured a variable-pitch, constant-speed propeller and a more powerful Lycoming O-360-F1A6 engine of 180 horsepower (130 kW).

How much is a prop for Cessna 172?

An overhauled McCauley fixed pitch 2-blade propeller that fits a Cessna 172 is $2,100 on ebay.

Does a bigger prop mean more speed?

The lower the prop pitch, the better your hole-shot. However, this comes at a price: top speed. The lower pitch makes the engine reach maximum rpm at slower speeds. Conversely, a higher pitch will deliver greater top speeds, but slower acceleration.

What kind of propeller does Cessna use?

Cessna. First, they are no nonsense, safe, easy to fly trainers and personal aircraft; and second, they are some of the hardest working, robust, utility airplanes ever built. Hartzell propeller has been there all along. The first Cessna 182s, 205s, and 210s were equipped with Hartzell propellers.

What do the numbers on RC propellers mean?

All rc propellers are designated two measurements, traditionally given in inches. The first number is the arc diameter created by the spinning prop i.e. propeller length from tip to tip. The second number is the pitch and this is the harder of the two to understand – but we’ll give it a go…

What size propeller do I need for my airplane?

The diameter of the propeller (10″ in the example above) will also effect how the airplane flies, but also how the engine runs and, again, following your engine manufacturer’s recommendations is the place to start. Be Noise Aware!

What do the Arrow Lines mean on a propeller diagram?

In the illustration below, the two arrow lines represent the path of each propeller tip. You can see that the higher pitch prop ( eg 10×8) takes only one and a half turns to cover the same distance that the lower pitch prop ( eg 10×4) takes 3 turns to.