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How do you turn on wireless capability on a Dell XPS 13?

How do you turn on wireless capability on a Dell XPS 13?

How to Turn the Wireless Antenna On and Off on a Dell Computer. Press and hold done the Fn key, then press the F2 key. Repeating this will toggle the wireless antenna Off and On.

Why Wi-Fi is not working in Ubuntu?

Troubleshooting Steps Check that your wireless adapter is enabled and that Ubuntu recognizes it: see Device Recognition and Operation. Check if drivers are available for your wireless adapter; install them and check them: see Device Drivers. Check your connection to the Internet: see Wireless Connections.

How do you fix a disabled Wi-Fi adapter?

To do so, follow the steps below:

  1. Search Control Panel in the search box on your desktop, and click Control Panel to open it.
  2. Click Network and Sharing Center.
  3. Click Change adapter settings.
  4. Right click on your WiFi adapter that is having problem, and click Enable.

How do I enable the wireless adapter on my Dell laptop?

  1. Click Start > Control Panel > System and Security > Device Manager.
  2. Click the Plus Sign (+) next to Network Adapters.
  3. Right-click the wireless adapters and, if disabled, click Enable.

How do I fix no WiFi found Ubuntu?

Wireless connection troubleshooter

  1. Open a Terminal window, type lshw -C network and press Enter .
  2. Look through the information that appeared and find the Wireless interface section.
  3. If a wireless device is listed, continue on to the Device Drivers step.

Why is my WiFi showing disabled?

Open Airplane Mode and disable it again Many users have reported having fixed android wifi problem by simply disabling airplane mode. In case the airplane mode is turned on, it automatically disables WiFi. To turn it off, go to setting, down to Wireless and Network, then disable airplane mode.

What means WiFi disabled?

“Disabled” status on a network connection/profile typically means something is blocking (for lack of a better word) the connection. Parts of the connection info being passed are okay, but not all.

How do I enable wireless on my Dell laptop?

Click Start. In the search box, type Mobility Center. Click Windows Mobility Center, in the search results. Click Turn wireless off or Turn wireless on as needed.

Does Dell XPS 13 have wireless issues with Ubuntu?

Wireless Issues with Ubuntu on the Dell XPS 13. Aug 6, 2017. The Dell XPS 13 is a great laptop for running Linux on, however, it has some known issues with the wireless adapter Dell includes on the machine. The two general solutions include changing the wireless adapter, and dealing with the driver hurdles.

Why won’t my Dell XPS 13 connect to the WiFi?

For some reason, Dell installed a Killer Wireless card in it, which requires a propriety Broadcom wireless driver to work with Linux. Instead, Dell should have installed the Intel wireless 8265 card which works directly with Linux. Most people claim this card solves nearly all wireless issues with the XPS 13.

How do I enable/disable Secure Boot in Ubuntu?

To check the current status of Secure Boot, check it in the BIOS menu. You can do this by restart the computer, but before the Ubuntu OS loads, press F2 (or the Delete key) to access the BIOS menu. Navigate the BIOS until you find the Secure Boot setting, ensuring that it is disabled. Now you can save the settings and restart the computer.