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How does Tea Cake justify beating Janie?

How does Tea Cake justify beating Janie?

Tea Cake begins to identify Janie as his possession. Because he feels threatened after Janie meets Mrs. Turner’s fault that he hit Janie because she sent her brother “tuh bait Janie in and take her away from me.” Beating Janie stems from Tea Cake’s need to control her, his jealousy, and the fear of losing his wife.

How many times did Tea Cake shoot at Janie?

He won’t let her out of his sight, even to get the doctor. Janie is frightened by Tea Cake’s odd behavior, so while he’s in the outhouse, she sets the pistol underneath his pillow so that it will snap three times before actually firing.

What did Tea Cake do with the $200 that he stole from Janie?

He used it to buy Janie a new dress.

Why is Tea Cake jealous in Chapter 17?

Tea Cake, of course, gets jealous. He beats Janie—not because she’s done anything wrong, but to relieve the fear inside him and to show the Turners “who is boss.” He may be feeling insecure, but this show of possession is just not cool, although the book seems to glorify it a little bit.

Why does Tea Cake become jealous?

The summary of chapter 17 of Eyes Were Watching God, was about Tea Cake getting jealous because of ‘Mis Turner’s brother ,whom is “bait” to Janie. He let the jealousy take over, and he would occasionaly hit Janie. His friends were jealous of the fact that he had so much power over Janie.

What does Tea Cake refuse from Janie?

What does Tea Cake refuse from Janie? Tea Cake is so sick that he refuses a big pot of baked beans from Janie. Whom does Janie meet as she goes to the see the doctor about the medicine? Janie meets Sop-de-Bottom and Dockery along the road as she goes to see the doctor.

What happens to Tea Cake as he is saving Janie?

In chapter 17, Tea Cake beats Janie so that he can show Mrs. Turner who is boss, then he stages a fight that destroys her restaurant so that she will leave town. As he is saving her, Tea Cake is bitten by the dog. In chapter 19, Tea Cake has contracted rabies, which causes him to become deranged.

What do Janie and Tea Cake do when the picking season ends?

The season ends, and Janie and Tea Cake decide to stay around for another year. During the off-season, there isn’t much to do, so Janie spends more time socializing. She hangs out a little with the exotic Bahamians who live in the muck but spends most of her time with Mrs. Turner.

What do Janie and Tea Cake decide to do when the hurricane warnings come and why?

Eventually, Tea Cake, Janie and Motor Boat decide to flee to find higher ground, as the waters continue to rise and they watch “people trying to run in raging waters and screaming when they find they couldn’t.”

What are signs that a serious hurricane is approaching Why do Tea Cake and Janie ignore the warnings?

They answer that they are seeking higher ground because a hurricane is coming. Most of the workers don’t believe there will be a hurricane because the white men aren’t moving. They ignore all of the warning signs—the animals migrating east in droves, the strangely calm weather.

Why does Tea Cake get jealous?

How does Janie struggle with her attraction to Tea Cake?

Crushing aromatic herbs with every step he took. Spices hung about him. He was a glance from God. Here, we learn how Janie struggles with her overwhelming attraction to Tea Cake, mainly due to their age difference.

What is teatea cake’s role in the novel?

Tea Cake functions as the catalyst that helps drive Janie toward her goals. Like all of the other men in Janie’s life, he plays only a supporting role. Before his arrival, Janie has already begun to find her own voice, as is demonstrated when she finally stands up to Jody.

What is wrong with tea cake in the Outsiders?

Tea Cake is ill and does not know what is wrong with him. He recognizes the illness is bad, but he does not want Janie to worry about him or to see him as weak. Unfortunately, this moment is one of the last few times Tea Cake is able to think rationally about Janie, as his illness takes over his brain and worsens.

What happens to Tea Cake after the hurricane?

We are given a glimpse into what is happening both physically and mentally to Tea Cake shortly after being bitten by the dog during the hurricane. Tea Cake is ill and does not know what is wrong with him. He recognizes the illness is bad, but he does not want Janie to worry about him or to see him as weak.