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How much did Manny Pacquiao make against Oscar De La Hoya?

How much did Manny Pacquiao make against Oscar De La Hoya?

Manny Pacquiao landed some crucifying power punches and left a dent on his adversary. Despite this being De La Hoya’s last professional fight, he earned a staggering amount of $20 million. On the other hand, Pacquiao earned a guaranteed $6 million.

What was the purse for Mayweather vs Pacquiao?

The total purse of this fight was a reported $300 million, and he made a whopping $120 million for 36 mins of in-ring work. On the other side, Mayweather, who was the favorite coming into this fight, made around $180 million.

How much money did Floyd Mayweather make against Oscar De La Hoya?

De La Hoya, with his sparkling image and bigger name at the time, made $52 million to Mayweather’s $25 million, which also made it the biggest payday in boxing history.

Is Manny Pacquiao one of the richest man in the world?

Pacquiao’s multiple wins and business savvy have amassed him a fortune of $220 million, according to Celebrity Net Worth. He was listed as the second-richest athlete in 2015 by Forbes. Over his career, Pacquiao has taken home $500 million and change from fights and endorsement deals, Celebrity Net Worth reported.

Did delahoya fight Pacquiao?

Manny Pacquiao soundly defeated Oscar De La Hoya, surprising many pre-fight analysts who had predicted a victory by De La Hoya. The fight ended at the beginning of the 9th round after Oscar and his corner threw in the towel.

How old was Manny Pacquiao when he fought Oscar De La Hoya?

A rematch between the two is, by most accounts, preposterous since they have a combined age of 90 years with Dela Hoya recently turning 48 and Pacquiao at 42.

What is the highest paid boxing match ever?

1. Floyd Mayweather vs. Manny Pacquiao – May 2015. The ‘Fight of the Century’ is the most money-spinning fight to ever take place, at least for now.

How old is De La Hoya when he fought Pacquiao?

Can Oscar de la Hoya pull the trigger anymore?

Freddie Roach since the De La Hoya- Mayweather fight has said in the media and in the De La Hoya/Pacquiao 24/7 series, press conferences, promos leading to the Dream Match that Oscar “can’t pull the trigger anymore.”

Who cut Manny Pacquiao’s eye?

LAS VEGAS – MARCH 19: Manny Pacquiao of the Philippines is shown with a cut above his right eye inflicted by Erik Morales of Mexico during the World Super Featherweight Championship at the MGM Grand Hotel on March 19, 2005 in Las Vegas, Nevada. Erik Morales of Mexico won 15-13 over Pacquiao by unanimous decision.

Will Ricky Hatton fight Oscar de la Hoya on September 20?

De La Hoya defeated Stevie Forbes in the May tune-up bout in preparation for Mayweather. Due to Mayweather’s unexpected retirement however, Ricky Hatton was the new potential candidate to fight De La Hoya on September 20. However, Hatton rejected the offer because he felt the scheduled date was too close to his last bout.