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How much does Godrej Interio cost?

How much does Godrej Interio cost?

Godrej Interio Wardrobe Price: 18,000/piece – 40,000/piece. Godrej Interio modular kitchen price: 700/sqft – 7000/sqft. Godrej Interio cupboard price: 12,000/piece- 40,000/piece.

What is good size kitchen?

180 to 440 square feet is the kitchen size for most new home designs. 225 square feet is the overall national average kitchen size in the United States. 175 to 200 square feet is the average size of a kitchen and dining area that has been combined. As functionality increases, so does the size of a kitchen area.

How much does a Godrej modular kitchen cost?

Godrej Modular Kitchen Price List: Types Price (in Rupees) Godrej Interio wardrobe Price 18,000/piece – 40,000/piece Godrej Interio modular kitchen Price 700/sqft – 7000/sqft Godrej Interio cupboard Price 12,000/piece – 40,000/piece Godrej kitchen cabinet Price 4000/piece – 8000/piece

Why choose Godrej Interio steel kitchens?

Some of the finest products from Godrej interio is the special L shaped modern kitchens, U shaped kitchen designs, parallel kitchens, single-multi wall kitchens etc. for your high end homes, select the brand new godrej interio steel kitchens designed especially for the authentic Indian kitchens.

Why choose Godrej Interio extendable wardrobes for bedroom?

Godrej interio has launched its world class range of wardrobes for bedrooms. The extendable wardrobes are luxurious and grow as per your needs. The wardrobes consist of multiple units and storages for fitting all your accessories and outfits in a hassle free manner.

Which is the best place to buy cabinets in India?

Some of the finest options are chequers wardrobes, walnut wardrobes, sliding door wardrobes, solid wood door wardrobes etc. Godrej interio is the highly preferred choice for cabinets in India. The array of cabinets offered by godrej interio is rich, innovative and smartly designed.