How much does it cost to hunt elk in Arizona?

How much does it cost to hunt elk in Arizona?

These three early hunts are placed during the rut when elk are vocal. Arizona elk hunting is on a limited draw basis….

Elk Hunt Options # Days Rate
Bull Elk Hunt (2 on 1) 6* $4,500.00/person
Bull Elk Hunt (1 on 1) 6* $5,500.00/person
RUT Firearms Bull Elk Hunt (1 on 1) 6* $7,000.00/person

Where is the best place to hunt elk in Arizona?

Areas: The Kaibab National Forest portion of Unit 10 is a good location to hunt elk.

How much does it cost to put in for elk in AZ?

Permit fees required: Resident elk: $148. Nonresident elk: $665. Resident youth only: $63.

How much did the Arizona Governor’s elk tag cost?

225,000.00USDto floor+ applicable fees & taxes.

How long is elk season in Arizona?

2022 Non-Resident Fees

2021 Dates
Bull Elk Early Archery Sept 10 – Sept 23
Bull Elk Early Firearm Sept 24 – Sept 30
Bull Elk Late Archery Nov 5 – Nov 18 or Nov 12 – Nov 25
Bull Elk Late Rifle Nov 26 – Dec 2

What unit in Arizona has the most elk?

Arizona Unit 8 has produced some of the highest-scoring public land trophy elk ever taken in the world.

Where are the biggest elk in Arizona?

Greer is Home to the Largest Elk Population in Arizona.

Do elk live in Arizona?

Habitat Elk live in the ponderosa pine and pinyon-juniper forests of the park. Because elk are not native to northern Arizona, they are not well adapted to the dry climate.

What is elk hunting?

Elk hunting – elk are one of the largest of game animals in North America, and can be found in almost all geographic areas, but predominantly makes its home in the Rocky Mountain regions. Elk have two lesser known sub-species.

What is an Elk Camp?

Our elk camps are traditional western backcountry hunting camps equipped with corral, tack tent, cook tent, dining tent, staff and guest tents.