How much is a 2018 Keystone hideout worth?

How much is a 2018 Keystone hideout worth?


Suggested List Price Average Retail
Base Price $29,974 $26,300
Options (Add)
Total Price $29,974 $26,300

How long is a keystone hideout?

29 ft 11 in

Sleeps 8
Length 29 ft 11 in
Ext Height 11 ft 1 in
Interior Color Albany
Hitch Weight 810 lbs

How tall is a keystone Hideout travel trailer?

10 ft 2 in

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Carrying Capacity 1,191 lb. 1,076 lb.
Hitch 525 lb. 485 lb.
Length 21 ft 5 in 21 ft 5 in
Height 10 ft 2 in 10 ft 2 in

Who makes keystone hideouts?

Thor Industries
Thor Industries – Owners of Keystone RVs Keystone is now run by CEO Matt Zimmerman and has around 200 employees. Thor Industries’ purchase of Keystone was one of the largest RV manufacturer purchases ever at that time, although Thor went on to spend even more acquiring more RV makers later.

What brand is a hideout camper?

Keystone RV Hideout
Keystone RV Hideout Travel Trailer RVs For Sale.

What is the keystone Arctic package?

Sealing the underbelly and heating the holding tanks constituted Keystone’s Springdale’s Arctic Package for the series’ 20th-anniversary edition. The package offered the option to redirect heating ducts around the holding tanks and water lines to prevent freezing on slideout models only.

Is there a 4 season RV?

Unfortunately, the 4-season camper designation is not standardized across the RV industry, so that badge means different things on different RVs. Generally speaking, these campers are better equipped to handle the cooler temperatures of spring and fall and the hot temperatures of summer.