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How rare is an 8-point buck?

How rare is an 8-point buck?

Studies show that 8-point bucks are the most common, making up 50 percent of antlered deer in all mature buck age classes.

Is an 8-point buck good?

Good bucks will have at least seven or eight inch second points. Outstanding animals may have G-2’s 9-11 inches long. The third point may be shorter or longer than the second, but it too should be eight inches or longer on an outstanding buck.

Is an 8-point buck always an 8-point?

No, in California it will probably be a 4-point buck but on the East coast it’s an 8-point buck. Generally, the West coast refers to the highest count on one side while the East coast refers to the total points.

What is a 10 point buck?

What is a 10-Point Buck? A ten-point buck is effectively a buck with five points on either side of its rack or antlers. However, to accurately describe a ten-point buck would be to say that it has three standing points on either side. Hence it has three standing points, the brown tine point, and the main beam point.

How old is a deer with 8 points?

Nearly all bucks with superior genetics and adequate nutrition have eight or more points when 2 years old. Bucks with inferior antler genetics may never have more than seven points, even when mature.

How old is a typical 8 point buck?

Can you have a 9 point buck?

Both those deer netted 1803⁄8. “Boone and Crockett accepted it as a 9-point buck, and that didn’t change its status,” Walmsley said. “It would have been the record 8-point, but it is now the largest 9-point typical ever accepted.”

What is a 4 point buck?

For example, in Montana we refer to a deer with four points on each side of its antlers as a four point. Hunters there count all the points on a deer’s antlers and add them up. So a New York hunter would call a four-by-three a seven-point buck, a four-point an eight-pointer and so on.

How old is an 8 point buck?

What is an eight point Buck?

A “10-point buck” describes the size of a deer’s antlers, not its height and weight. Antler size is determined by a deer’s age, nutrition and genetics. However, some yearlings with ample food supplies are able to grow impressive eight-point racks.

What is the biggest point Buck?

One of the biggest and most iconic bucks ever shot in Illinois has to be the Mel Johnson buck. This deer has almost a 24 inch spread and 13 score able points. The buck scores a whopping 204 4/8 inches and is the largest Pope and Young Whitetail Buck ever shot.

How to count the points on a buck?

Measuring the Protrusions. You will need to start by measuring every protrusion from the base where they are attached to the main beam to their tips.

  • Consider End Tips of Main Beams as Points. Every tip of the main beams on the antler qualifies as a point when counting.
  • Go for the Non-Typical or Abnormal Points. A non-typical or abnormal point is one that emanates from another point,which is connected to the main beam.
  • Include Brow Tines for Whitetail Deer. If you count points on a whitetail buck’s antlers,you should consider adding brow tines in your points count.
  • Make the Additions. The last thing you want to know and take home is the total number of points you have gathered from the rack.
  • What is a point Buck?

    A buck is a male deer, and in hunting terminology, the points on a buck are the individual tines of the buck’s antlers. Generally speaking, the more points a buck has, the more prestige for the hunter who manages to kill him. Many hunters keep antlers from their kills as a trophy,…