Is a Sony Vaio laptop good for gaming?

Is a Sony Vaio laptop good for gaming?

yes its a great laptop for gaming and it is easy to install an SSD into it. you can purchase a single SSD 128 or 256.

Why did Sony stop making laptops?

After a long struggle and growing losses, Sony decided to sell off its loss making Vaio PC brand to a Japanese investment fund in 2014. Tokyo-based investment fund Japan Industrial Partners (JIP) said it will operate the Vaio PC brand under a newly established company and initially sell Vaio-branded PCs in Japan only.

Why is VAIO so expensive?

It’s essentially the “Sony” tax which is similar to the “Apple” tax. They charge more because they can.

What is the best laptop to buy in 2013?

The 10 Best Laptops of 2013. 1 1. MacBook Air. In just three years, the MacBook Air has gone from a seemingly odd (who could live without an optical disk drive?), overpriced niche 2 2. Acer Aspire S7. 3 3. MacBook Pro with Retina Display (15-inch) 4 4. Razer Blade. 5 5. Samsung Ativ Book 9 Plus.

What’s new with Sony laptops?

First up: Sony. The company just introduced some new mainstream notebooks, dubbed the “Fit” family. These laptops, which replace the current E series and most of the T line, include the lower-end Fit 14E / Fit 15E, which are made of plastic, and the Fit 14 / Fit 15, which step up to a thinner aluminum chassis and optional SSDs.

What is the best budget gaming laptop on the market?

For the price, I think the Y410p may be the best budget gaming laptop around right now. If you’re looking for something closer to $500 than $1000, ASUS has one of the most impressively priced laptops that’s still suitable for moderate gaming right now with their X550LB-NH52, currently selling at Newegg for just $580.

Is the Sony Duo a good Windows 8 laptop?

The Duo features a unique sliding mechanism that transforms it from thick tablet to fancy laptop. It also comes with an incredible stylus—this pen is highly accurate and comfortable to hold. If you’re ready to take the plunge into a Windows 8 hybrid laptop, Sony’s Duo is a good place to start.