Is druva a good company?

Is druva a good company?

Druva taught me a lot. Not only do they have a great product. They have a good team culture. Great benefits, competitive pay, intellectual colleagues & fun work events!

What is it like to work at Druva?

Most Participants believe the pace of work at Druva is comfortably fast. About 56% of the employees at Druva work 8 hours or less. Overall, the employees at Druva are extremely happy, based on their aggregated ratings of future outlook, customer perception, and their excitement going to work.

Is druva product based company?

Druva Inc. is a privately-held software company based in Sunnyvale, California. The company provides SaaS-based data protection and management products. The company was founded in 2008, raised several rounds of funding, and grew to more than 800 employees….Druva.

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Who are druva competitors?

Competitors and Alternatives to Druva

  • Veeam.
  • Acronis.
  • Commvault.
  • Microsoft.
  • Veritas Technologies.
  • OpenText (Carbonite)
  • Arcserve.
  • VMware.

Does Dell own druva?

It is not Dell’s own technology, but comes through a collaboration with Druva, a longtime player in the cloud protection market.

What is druva inSync?

Druva inSync™ is a SaaS platform that delivers unified data protection, management, and information governance at scale across endpoints and cloud applications in a secure and compliant manner.

Is Dell a SaaS company?

Unless otherwise agreed upon in writing between you and Dell, the Dell Cloud Solutions Agreement applicable to the location where you purchased Dell Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) & Cloud Services will govern the sale of Dell Cloud Services and Dell SaaS products to you.

Is Hafele a Chinese company?

The Häfele Group (Häfele GmbH & Co KG) is a German family enterprise with its head office in Nagold, Germany. Häfele is the leading international manufacturer and supplier of furniture fittings and architectural hardware, with customers in more than 150 countries.

Are Hafele products made in China?

From 1996, when Häfele entered into China, Häfele has been bringing you the latest innovations, sourced from either our own factories, or from our partners around the world.

How does druva backup work?

Druva inSync is a computer backup program used at Brown University. Once installed, every eight hours Druva will automatically back up the files on your Brown-owned computer to the Druva server as long as your computer is turned on and has an internet connection. The backed-up files are kept for three months.

What do you like most about Druva InSync?

Druva inSync was great when onsite. In the cloud, it loses its cost effectiveness. Druva has continued to support my company and clients by providing peace of mind with excellent backups on each client computer, no matter where they are in the world.

What is Druva cloud protection?

Data Protection for the Cloud Era Druva offers a SaaS platform for data protection across data centers, cloud applications, and endpoints. Securely backup and recover data with the scale and simplicity of the public cloud, and only pay for what you use, reducing your overall TCO.

What is your primary use case for Druva?

We use Druva for our Office 365, including Exchange Online, Sharepoint Online, One Drive and Microsoft Teams which stores data on SharePoint sites. Druva very effectively has helped us with backup solutions and has been very useful in resto… There is no person in our compnay that does not use the product.

Why choose directdruva?

Druva has continued to support my company and clients by providing peace of mind with excellent backups on each client computer, no matter where they are in the world. Other solutions bogged down the system resources but with Druva you won’t even notice that the backup is running while using your workstation. Remote Restores FTW!