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Is E-470 in Colorado a toll road?

Is E-470 in Colorado a toll road?

E-470 is a toll highway that runs along the eastern perimeter of the Denver metropolitan area.

Is the 470 free?

The $10 fee to build Colorado’s E-470 is finally ending, a rare occasion for “temporary” government fees.

How do I pay my toll in Colorado?

You can pay tolls in Colorado using ExpressToll or Go-Pass tag. If you do not have a toll tag, you will get a video toll/License Plate invoice or GO-PASS Regular bill. License Plate or Go-Pass Regular toll payment option is available only for the following toll roads and express lanes in Colorado: C-470 Express Lanes.

Why is E-470 a toll road?

E-470, which was completed in 2003, is a product of Colorado’s public highway authority law, passed more than 30 years ago. The road receives no taxpayer monies for construction or maintenance — it survives on toll revenue.

Is E-470 in Denver a toll road?

E-470 is a toll highway that runs along the eastern perimeter of the Denver metropolitan area. The Northwest Parkway is a 75-mile per hour public toll road that seamlessly connects E-470 at I-25 in the north metro Denver area, with U.S. 36 in Broomfield.

Is E-470 privately owned?

The toll road is neither a state highway or an Interstate Highway, but is instead owned and maintained by the E-470 Public Highway Authority, which is controlled by a governing board of eight elected officials of eight local governments.

How does the E-470 toll work?

How ExpressToll Works. ExpressToll customers have registered their vehicle information in an online account, and they receive a transponder to install in their car. When passing through a tolling point, the transponder is scanned and the toll is automatically billed from the prepaid account balance.

How long is the E-470 loop?

46.95 mi
E-470 is a 47-mile-long (76 km) controlled-access toll road that traverses the eastern portion of the Denver-Aurora Metropolitan Area in the US state of Colorado. It is the eastern half of the 470 beltway that serves Meridian, Parker, Aurora, Denver International Airport, and Brighton.

What does E-470 mean?

The E in E-470 technically stands for “extension,” as our road is an extension of C-470, but we like to think the E stands for “Excellence”!