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Is JR Cigar still in business?

Is JR Cigar still in business?

The company originated as a cigar shop in Manhattan but now chiefly operates through on-line and catalog sales; however, the company maintains three retail outlets in North Carolina, two in New Jersey (Whippany with Executive Offices, and Paramus), as well as a retail locations in Manhattan (closed), Washington DC, and …

Where is JR Cigar?

The headquarters for JR Cigar are in 301 Rte. 10 East Whippany NJ, United States 07981.

How long does JR Cigars take to deliver?

Orders will ship via UPS or USPS. Allow 2-6 business days for delivery* Best way shipping is a value shipping service for the customer.

Can you buy Cuban cigars online?

A partial lift of the US trade embargo on Cuba also lifts the limits on bringing in Cuban cigars for personal consumption. Online purchases and mail orders of Cuban tobacco products remain illegal.

Who makes JR Ultimate cigars?

Rocky Patel cigars
JR Ultimate by Rocky Patel cigars are the first collaboration between our legendary JR Ultimate brand, a fan favorite for over 35 years, and world-famous cigar maker Rocky Patel.

Does Walmart sell cigars in store?

Yes, Walmart stores in the US and most other countries sell cigars. The ID and legal requirements are the same as those for cigarettes. Keep in mind that Walmart’s cigar selection is similar to what you’ll find at a gas station, bodega, or a small corner store.

Do JR Cigars sell cigarettes?

Do you sell cigarettes online? JRCigars.com does not sell any cigarettes or related products online in compliance with the state and federal laws and our desire to -not- be in the online cigarette business. However, we do offer e-cigarettes.

Who founded JR Cigars?

Lew and LaVonda Rothman opened their small, corner candy and tobacco store in 1970, just three years before cigar sales surged to an all-time high, and then began their steady 20-year decline.

How much does JR Cigars charge for shipping?

What are your shipping charges? Best Way shipping is $7.99 and will ship via UPS or USPS.

Does JR Cigars require ID?

To do this, we typically require a copy of your current driver’s license or some other form of government issued ID that verifies your date of birth.

Where can I find Jr cigar outlet in NC?

Address 67 JR Road (Exit 97 on I-95) Selma, NC 27576 Phone (919) 965-5055 Other Store Locations JR Cigar Outlet – Burlington, NC: www.jrburlington.com

What is JRJR cigar?

JR Cigar is an online e-commerce cigar retailer. We purely operate online, and don’t have cigar shops. The good news is we ship cigars to most states and offer a better selection than any local cigar store. Click here to browse our top cigars!

Where can I find discounts on cigars?

Browse the JR Cigar website daily for exclusive cigar deals, discount cigar prices, free cigars and other great money-saving offers. Want to know everything there is to know about cigars? Visit the JR University or take advantage of the JR Cigar School to become a cigar pro.

How do I contact jrcigars customer service?

Please contact the website’s Customer Service directly at (800)574-3576. Although our store shares a similar name, we are a separate business and not responsible for orders from JRCigars.com. We look forward to seeing you at our retail store on your next visit!