Is Kagami stronger than Akashi?

Is Kagami stronger than Akashi?

However, Kagami’s power as a solo player greatly exceeds Akashi’s, so as long as he uses that to keep Akashi from stealing the ball on offense and to block his shots on defense, Kagami could win easily. He has to be careful of the Emperor Eye, though, because that’s the thing that would turn it into an all-Akashi game.

Why did Teppei and Riko split?

Somehow they broke up. Maybe it’s because of her feelings towards Hyuuga or she couldn’t see Teppei more than a good friend. It is also true that Riko admired Teppei the most, so maybe Riko might be the one who felt those feelings but Teppei couldn’t see her as a life partner.

Do they win against Yosen?

Murasakibara thinks that he won’t miss even if he just tosses it in, but Kuroko returns and quickly blocks the shot and that’s it, Seirin wins Yosen 73–72.

Is Kagami better than GOM?

Kagami never surpassed Aomine or any of the GOM in my opinion. He beat them by using team play while they played hero ball as we say.

Is Kagami the best basketball player?

Kagami is one of the most athletically talented players in the series. Said to be the equal of the Generation of Miracles, Kagami possesses incredible reflexes, speed, and power along with above-average ball-handling skills and basketball IQ.

What is wrong with Teppei Genshin impact?

Teppei Used Delusion In the Omnipresence Over Mortals, Teppei revealed to the traveler that he is been using the Delusion in combat in order to win. However, the more he succumbs himself to using the Delusion, the more his body suffers from fast aging, which costs him his life.

Did seirin win Inter High?

Seirin High vs Shūtoku High was the final round of the Interhigh preliminaries. It was a rematch for their match last year, which Seirin lost with 45 to 141. The final score was tight but ultimately went to Seirin with 82 to 81.