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Is Stomp a good pit bike brand?

Is Stomp a good pit bike brand?

Their collection of pit bikes are quick, nimble and agile, yet possess enough power to manoeuvre through thick mud and slick ground. Whether you use them for your industry practices or have other activities in mind, Stomp bikes make light work of any environment.

How fast does a 140 pit bike go?

Larger 140-cc pit bikes with stock sprocket gearing are capable of a 70-mph top speed in high gear.

Where are Stomp bikes made?

All Stomp engines are modified and tuned at the Kayo assembly factory using Stomp proprietary knowledge, parts and technology.

What is a Stomp pit bike?

Stomp pitbikes are top of the range pit bikes for all ages. Stomp pit bikes are the worlds most recognised high-quality brand for off-road fun and serious race bikes. Founded in 2004 they are now one of the biggest pit bike manufacturers in the world, and the number one brand in the uk for the last 6 years.

What is the most reliable pit bike?

Top 5 Best Pit Bikes

  • #1 Coleman Powersports Mini Trail Bike.
  • #2 Apollo DB-X18 125cc Dirt Bike.
  • #3 Tao Tao Dirt Bike DB14 Pit Bike.
  • #4 Razor MX650 Electric Pit Bike.
  • #5 Tao DB17 D125cc Pit Bike.

Are stomp pit bikes Chinese?

Stomp is a British bred powerful pit bike company. The first question we need to cover most often is regarding the origin of Stomp bikes.

Which Chinese pit bike is best?

Best Chinese Dirt Bike Reviews 2022

  • Our top pick.
  • Overall Best : APO 125cc Dirt Bike/Pit Bike.
  • For safety: TAO Dirt Bike DB14 (110cc)
  • For speed: X-PRO 125cc Dirt Bike Pit Bike.
  • For kids: X-PRO Bolt 50cc Dirt Bike.
  • For fast-growing kids: Coolster Dirt Bike 70cc Semi-Automatic.

Are Thumpstar pit bikes good?

Thumpstar pit bikes are reliable. They are good for the budget. You will have plenty of options to improvise your riding experience with a Thumpstar pit bike. An expensive upgrade can turn an average Thumpstar pit bike into a monster.

How reliable are pit bikes?

Pit bikes are small and lightweight, making them easy to pick up and get around. They are also smaller than normal motorcycles or dirt bikes and can maneuver around objects more easily. A pit bike is quick and reliable both on and off the road as well.

What is the fastest pit bike on the market?

12 Fastest Dirt Bikes in the World

  • BMW G650 XChallenge.
  • MuZ Baghira. Top speed: 102 mph.
  • Husqvarna FE 501 S. Top speed: 101.5 mph.
  • Kawasaki KLR650. Top speed: 98 mph.
  • Honda XR650L. 2017 Honda XR650L | Honda.
  • Suzuki DR-Z400SM. 2017 Suzuki DR-Z400SM | Suzuki.
  • Yamaha WR 250R. Top speed: 89 mph.
  • Honda CRF 450R. 2017 Honda CF 450R | Honda.

Why choose a stomp pit bike?

Stomp was born in 2005 and has since become renowned for suppliying British bred, Raw, loud, mini-packaged off road dirt bikes with savage performance. Stomp pit bikes offer best in class quality with a comprehensive network of dealers, A1 support, pit bike parts and tuning.

Where can I buy a pit bike in the UK? is the largest dealer of pit bikes and dirt bikes in the UK. Specialising in Stomp, Welshpitbikes, Demon X and Thumpstar, we stock more bikes, spares parts and performance aftermarket parts than anyone else. Stomp Racing Limited acts as a broker and offers credit from PayPal Credit.

How are Stomp engines modified and tuned?

All Stomp engines are modified and tuned at the Kayo assembly factory using Stomp proprietary knowledge, parts and technology; kept secret from the engine manufacturers.