Is the Samsung ju6500 4K LED TV worth it?

Is the Samsung ju6500 4K LED TV worth it?

The Samsung JU6500 is a good and reasonably-priced 4k LED TV. However, it has a few flaws, like judder in 24p content and a loss of saturation at a wide angles. Decent TV for a mixed usage. The Samsung JU6500 offers an average picture quality thanks to its high contrast ratio.

Is the ju6500 good for HDR gaming?

The JU6500 does support HDR, but it cannot reproduce bright highlights and lacks a wide color gamut. Mediocre TV for HDR gaming. While a good gaming TV overall, there are no major picture quality benefits due to the TV’s limited HDR capabilities. Mediocre PC monitor.

Is the ju6500 worth it for sports watching?

The JU6500 upscales lower resolution content well and has a good anti-reflective coating, but it cannot get bright enough for very bright environment. The JU6500 is decent for sports watching. It doesn’t have a lot of motion blur, so fast motion looks quite clear. Its screen is also fairly uniform so fields don’t look blotchy.

What is the input lag on the Samsung ju6500?

When ‘Game Mode’ is turned on, the input lag of the Samsung JU6500 is low (26.5 ms). Under PC mode, the input lag is 48ms. To achieve Chroma 4:4:4, enable UHD Color and label the input as PC. OK low-end cut off for a TV, and it does get loud too.

Is the Samsung unju7100 a good TV?

The Bottom Line The Samsung UNJU7100 delivers the same high level of picture quality as some more expensive models, and beats most competitors for style and features. Visit for details. Samsung sells more 4K, aka UHD (Ultra High Definition), TVs than anyone, and has more different 4K models in its 2015 lineup than ever before.

What is the difference between the ju650d and ju6400?

The JU650D is the wholesale club (i.e. Costco, Sams Club model number). There are no notable features changes. The major difference in the JU6400 series is 3 HDMI inputs for that series.