Common questions

Principles of writing essays

The principles of writing an essay must be known to every student. In order for you to get the maximum score, we collected useful tips on writing the essay.

Plan of the essay

  1. Introduction

In this part of the work it is necessary to formulate one of the problems of the text. you can do this with a question – it’s a great way to start an essay, if you do not know where to start. The introduction should not be extensive, 2-3 proposals are quite enough.

  1. Commentary

In this part, you need to specify how the author reveals the problem in the text, what examples he uses for this. The comment should not be retelling – it is the most compressed information, which gives a general idea of how the author raises this problem in the text. Here it is necessary to formulate the main theses, which the author presented for the formulation of his main idea.

  1. The position of the author of the text regarding the problem

On the basis of the previous paragraph, we conclude that at the same time is the answer to the question posed in the introduction (if one was put). It is also better not to distribute this section of the essay to more than 3 sentences.

  1. Personal opinion

This section starts with an expression of a subjective attitude to what the author of the text thinks about the problem he is raising. Two arguments should be presented here, one of which can be taken from personal experience (or invented according to the situation), the second, ideally, is taken from literature or history. The first and second arguments must be in different paragraphs.

Note. Expressing personal opinion, always should respectfully respect the author and his view of the problem, which must express in writing. It should be less categorical, more diplomatic and loyal, otherwise the sharpness and one-sidedness of personal opinion will be unpleasantly striking.

  1. Conclusion

The conclusion must be the result of your entire essay, but do not contain new thoughts and arguments, but only briefly and clearly express the meaning of the written.

The problem of text

How to determine the problem of text? The problem of the text is something that is controversial, which can cause different opinions about what is being discussed and what is relevant in recent times or throughout the history of mankind. If the text is written in a journalistic style, then the problem will be expressed directly.

If the text is artistic, then the definition of the problem can cause difficulties. That is why it is necessary to pay special attention to the beginning and the end of the text, and also to try to read between the lines what the author wanted to say.


Argument is a thesis reinforced by a concrete example. In our case – its own (or supposedly own) and well-known (taken from literature, history, ecology, philosophy, politics and other things).

The argument should be in tune with the author’s position. In order to check whether this is so in your work, mentally read the position of the author, add “because”, then mentally add your thesis. If the phrase is logical, then you are doing everything right.

Logicality and meaningfulness of the work is what is one of the most important criteria for evaluation. Be sure to complete each thought. Logical incompleteness is a common mistake of examiners, which significantly reduces the evaluation for doing a job.

To ensure that the text of the essay remains a single whole from the first to the last word, be sure to use bundles, more about which you can read here.

Types of examination essays

The texts on the exams are of two types:

  • journalistic style;
  • artistic style.

As already mentioned, in the journalistic style, the problem is directly voiced by the author in one way or another, and in the artistic style one will have to think carefully and carefully read the text to understand what the problem is.

Evaluation criteria

All evaluation criteria must be taken into account when writing the essay. Especially it is worth remembering the incentive 6 criteria – accuracy, wealth, expressiveness of speech. If stylistic errors, repetitions, violations of the logic and coherence of the text are allowed in the text, you are unlikely to earn a high score.


Many can say that this is a trifle, but it is not. Because of bad and illegible handwriting, some letters can be mistaken for others, which can be estimated as a spelling mistake. In the worst case, because of incomprehensible handwriting, the examiner can at all refuse to accept work, and similar cases have already occurred in practice.

Preparation help

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