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Should I include my dissertation on my CV?

Should I include my dissertation on my CV?

When describing your dissertation or thesis in a CV, you typically include the title within the Education section included just under the degree. For those in the Humanities, you will add a Dissertation section with a brief synopsis of your research.

Should I include dates on my CV?

Your resume should include relevant dates to prove to hiring managers that you recently gained experience that will help you better perform in your role.

What color is best for resume paper?

The Best Resume Paper Color—ConclusionIf your resume consists of dark, uniform colors and white space only, it will look elegant and classy when printed out on ivory paper.For resumes that use light shades, white paper is the best option.

How do I write an outstanding CV?

Check out these resume tips collected from 15 top career experts.The first 10 seconds count. Link your resume to your internet presence. Choose your prospective employers carefully. Mention your most important qualifications in your cover letter. Provide a summary. Do your homework. Focus on the future, not the past.

Is resume paper still a thing?

Don’t invest in any resume paper. You should be submitting your resume electronically. The days of buying heavy stock to print resumes are over. [See 6 Creative Ways to Showcase Your Resume Online.]

Should I print my resume double sided?

If you have a two-page resume, don’t print it double-sided. It may be the most earth-friendly approach, but printing a two-page resume double-sided on a single sheet of paper is a bad job search strategy. Make the best impression possible on paper by going single-sided.

Is cover letter handwritten or typed?

Unless you are specifically asked for a handwritten cover letter, it should be typed. A handwritten one may be requested if the job would involve you writing by hand a great deal. It is best to type your cover letter because reading somebody’s handwriting could be difficult.