Should you put images in your comments on Facebook?

Should you put images in your comments on Facebook?

And one of the best ways to get Likes is to use inspiring images, funny photos and memes in your comments. That’s right… images! Over the past few years, we’ve seen the undeniable impact of visual marketing on Facebook. But have you ever thought about putting images IN YOUR COMMENTS to make them pop?

How can I get more likes on my Facebook comments?

It’s a great strategy to get more likes on your Facebook comments. But the images need to be relevant. Otherwise, you might get roasted by someone else’s photos. My advice is to use some of the 50 Facebook comment pictures below — they work in so many situations! Bookmark this post so you have the list handy next time you need a witty reply.

What are some funny pictures to post on Facebook to get likes?

26 Funny Pics to Post on Facebook (to Get More LIKES) 1 1. Cheezburger. Likes: 693k. >> Click to Tweet. Post by Cheezburger. 2 2. Quickmeme. 3 3. Cyanide & Happiness. 4 4. Awkward Family Photos. 5 5. Animals smoking Durrys.

How to compliment a man’s profile picture on Facebook?

Much as you can find many comments for Facebook profile pictures, selecting the right one and commenting is a bit tricky. When compliment a man’s profile picture, make sure that you mention something from the actual picture itself. Below are some of the fantastic comments for pics on FB to help you out. Your charm is irresistible.

What is a good meme for Facebook comment?

Funny Facebook Comment Meme Oh So You Liked That That Child Is Saved Image Funny Meme For Facebook Comment That Nobody On Facebook Cares About You Are Doing Today Image I Cannot Comment On Your Mother Because Cows Are Scared In My Country Funny Image

Is it embarrassing to write weird comments on Facebook pictures?

If you will write a weird comment on someone’s pictures it can be embarrassing for you. Here is a list of best FB comments for friends prepared by the experts who are too often active on Facebook to save you from such embarrassment. You can also click here if you are looking for a social media agency.