Transition Economy: New Details

Something is moving during the transition, or the line in which Abe has made it clear that these measures do not depend on the capital input in the United States, as a result of the “flight to quality” in the private sector at national and international level. This is so obvious that what is happening in front of our eyes.

But the question is if the chapter is to return to the parking lot for a long time, or I’ll die out of the blue? Very high, you can go to the market early or late, in the end, exhausted, as well as any other system. We are currently case, but tell us about what is going to happen? If the trade is in decline. Where is the capital going to the country right now in Asia? The knowledge and wisdom in this matter would be, much appreciated.

What is going to happen? The transitional phase is the worst, the crisis of confidence, now, more and more eyes. This problem is really, stupid. You just have to change or crash and burn. This, obviously, is the result of socialism. So, we have a tendency to the disappearance of the world’s monetary system. The increase in dollars to earn a return from the United States. The economy is what it takes to be the next step in the direction of monetary reform.

Go to a new monetary system where the dollar is no longer reserve currency. What is going to happen, maybe a different shape of the curve? It is the collapse of Western communism collapsed, but as gif, China and Russia. So, we see in the transition in the financial capital of the western world is dominated by India/China. As we can see that the economic capital of the world, it is always turning. After Rome and the fall of the Byzantine Empire, the capital was, transferred to India. Then, go to China. When Christopher Columbus set sail, he wanted to go to India, because that is where all of the money. You do not need to go to the slums in third world countries. In Europe, but also in Europe, which has fallen in the Second World War with the state.

On the other hand, during the transitional period, the fall in the West. This is the only way things can evolve. We are, faced with politicians that cannot be done to save the country, because the SOAP has to come in. The Chairman of the democratic National Committee, Reince Priebus, in response to the recent lawsuit against Donald Trump for the nomination of “manufactured” against him, namely: “give us rest”. Priebus is clear from your reply is rude. He said. “The appointment procedures, as you know, during the course of a year +. He says that, in order to understand the campaign. Complaints this time? Let’s take a break”. Priebus, American lawyer and politician, who has trained and knows how to lie, if it is necessary. I remember, I remember, who said. “Come to rest. Wendy no, he could not say Trump is a bad thing. Priebus admit that it is busy, the sound system more than a year, why now are you Complaining about?

This is the usual response in the structure to cheat the majority, such as the trumpet, is a bad thing. All Priebus says the victory he knew this game, so it is not true that those who complain now, after a year has passed. Priebus denied that Trump card. He said that the victory of the complaints very quickly. As if someone has deprived him, and gave him a reason to keep their products, they do not complain. Yes, Priebus, and will break this intelligent conversation. Unfortunately, this is a classic example of how dishonest politicians. Is not it an honor and a responsibility? Bothers you things in front of your eyes, I think that the analysis of the media, for what he said. You just have to go out and burning. We can repair this hair, in an effort to ensure that the injustice of the system.