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Was the Illusive Man really indoctrinated?

Was the Illusive Man really indoctrinated?

But when he failed, they immediately went to The Illusive man. Before this, he was his own self, while still being susceptible to the effects of indoctrination. He was completely indoctrinated at the end of mass effect 3. So, it is hard to say how much his level of indoctrination was when he formed Cerberus.

What is indoctrination Mass Effect?

Indoctrination is the term used for the “brainwashing” effect the Reapers and their technology have on organic beings. A signal or energy field surrounds the Reaper, which subtly influences the minds of any organic individual in range.

What is the indoctrination theory?

The Indoctrination theory, in case you’re wondering, is all about the ending of Mass Effect 3. It speculates that Commander Shepard has become fully brainwashed by the Reapers by the time they reach the end of the game and that they have been manipulated over the course of the trilogy.

Did Shepard become indoctrinated?

The Indoctrination Theory is one of the most popular alternative readings of Mass Effect 3’s ending scenario. It supposes that Shepard, by the time he reaches the Crucible at the end of the game, has already been indoctrinated by the Reapers after being slowly manipulated over the course of the entire trilogy.

Is the Illusive Man a husk?

The Illusive Man didn’t become a husk, but he could have. Early concepts for Mass Effect 3 involved the Illusive Man becoming a monstrous husk, like a boss battle, to fully symbolize his Reaper allegiance.

Is the Rachni Queen indoctrinated?

She is located on Utukku, deep within a perversion of a rachni hive filled with Reaper technology. Her young are indoctrinated and converted into Ravagers for the Reapers’ forces.

What is an example of indoctrination?

To instruct in a body of doctrine or principles. To imbue with a partisan or ideological point of view. Children who had been indoctrinated against their parents’ values. An example of indoctrinate is to teach your children your religious beliefs.

How do the Reapers indoctrinate people on Earth?

During the invasion of Earth, the Reapers broadcast messages inviting diplomats into their holds to negotiate, where they would then presumably be indoctrinated. A Reaper’s indoctrination field can remain active even if it is largely disabled and incapable of action.

What are the symptoms of the Reaper’s control?

The Reaper’s resulting control over the limbic system leaves the victim highly susceptible to its suggestions. Organics undergoing indoctrination may complain of headaches and buzzing or ringing in their ears. As time passes, they have feelings of “being watched” and hallucinations of “ghostly” presences.

When do the Reapers attack the Alpha Relay?

Six months after the destruction of the Alpha Relay, the Reapers finally return from dark space sometime in 2186 CE and begin their next galaxy-wide harvest of advanced organic civilizations. Their invasion starts in the Vular system in batarian space and rapidly spreads along the mass relay network.

What is the biggest Reaper ever made?

Harbinger: The first Reaper ever created, Harbinger appears to be of a unique subtype; Alliance intelligence identifies it as being the largest Reaper in the armada, and its design differs notably from the Capital Ship subtype, having only four main legs and multiple glowing “eyes”.