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What are 54mm wheels good for?

What are 54mm wheels good for?

This is another great size for starting out, maybe the best. 54mm is probably the best all rounder if you are looking at skating a big variety of terrain. This size seems to provide most skateboarders with the perfect blend of speed and acceleration. This really is the Goldilocks zone of wheel size choice.

What size should cruiser wheels be?

You can still skate street with larger wheels, but it will result in your skateboard feeling heavier. Wheels between 55-58mm are great for skating slightly rougher terrain or for skating bowls and ramps at a skatepark….Wheel Size.

Style Recommended Size Range
Park 55mm – 58mm
Cruiser 59mm and up

What size wheels are good for cruising and tricks?

If you like to just cruise around comfortably you need wheels of at least 56mm and up to 60mm. If you go beyond 56mm you’ll need a set of riser pads to prevent the wheels from coming into contact with your deck when you make turns (wheel bite). Cruising requires softer wheels with a hardness between 78a and 87a.

Are CCS cruiser wheels good?

They are incredibly durable and come in the perfect “tweener” durometer. They are hard enough to pop ollies over curbs, but soft enough that twigs, rocks, and cracks won’t be a worry. These wheels are gonna be a good time – guaranteed.

Do 55mm wheels need riser pads?

Risers are usually recommended for larger wheels 55mm and above, and while not necessary for smaller skate wheels, 1/8″ shock pads can always be used to help reduce vibration and stress cracks to your board.

What are good cruising wheels?

There are only two wheel shapes: sharp-lip shaped wheels and round-lip shaped wheels. In general, either type is fine for cruising. However, one that has a squarer edge will help you maintain better traction. Sharp-lip-shaped wheels provide more grip, particularly during hard turns.

Are CCS trucks bad?

Trucks are ok but can’t take much abuse. They will break after a few months of grinding and hard impacts. The wheels are likely to flat spot when you progress to powerslides. Very soft bushings, not for large or people over 200LBS/90kg but it also depends on your preference.

Can I put cruiser wheels on a regular skateboard?

Cruiser and longboard wheels can fit on a regular skateboard. If you want to add cruiser or longboard wheels to your skateboard, get ½” riser pads and 1 ½” bolts. Here are the tools and hardware you’ll need to put cruiser or longboard wheels onto your deck: Four longboard wheels (ideally between 60mm and 66mm)