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What are synonyms for sanction?

What are synonyms for sanction?

Some common synonyms of sanction are accredit, approve, certify, and endorse. While all these words mean “to have or express a favorable opinion of,” sanction implies both approval and authorization.

What is a synonym and antonym for sanction?

sanctionnoun. Synonyms: rectification, authorization, authority, countenance, support, seal, allowance. Antonyms: nullification, disallowance, discountenance, prohibition.

What is the word sanction means?

(Entry 1 of 2) 1 : official approval or permission The soldiers’ conduct did not have the king’s sanction. 2 : an action (as the ending of financial aid) taken by one or more nations to make another nation comply with a law or rule. sanction. verb.

What is the opposite of a sanction?

However, the word “sanction” can have an opposite meaning: an official approval for an action. Because “sanction” has a second, opposite meaning, it is a contronym. Here’s another example of a contronym: the word “bill”.

What part of speech is sanction?


part of speech: noun
part of speech: verb
inflections: sanctions, sanctioning, sanctioned
definition: to approve of; support. I do not sanction such rude behavior. synonyms: approve, back, endorse similar words: consent, encourage, OK, ratify, support

Is sanction a synonym for codify?

“This prompted a publisher to ask her to codify the rules for publication.”…What is another word for codify?

legaliseUK legalizeUS
authorizeUS legitimate
licenceUS licenseUK
sanction decriminaliseUK
decriminalizeUS validate

What is the example of sanction?

A sanction may be civil or criminal in nature. Criminal sanctions are either fine, imprisonment, or both. Authorization and/or approval by someone in a position of authority; for example, the act of imposing a penalty. An approval, by an authority, generally one that makes something valid.

What is sanctionable behavior?

1. Authoritative permission or approval that makes a course of action valid.

What is another word for sanction?

Another word for sanction. noun. The approving of an action, especially when done by one in authority: allowance, approbation, approval, authorization, consent, endorsement, leave2, license, permission, permit.

What is an example of a sanction?

Sanction is a penalty for wrongful action. An example of sanction is jail time. To sanction is for a recognized authority to give approval to something. An example of sanction is when a parent lets his child leave school.

What is another word for sanctions?

Synonyms for Sanctions: n. v. •agrees (verb) accedes, concurs, capitulates, agrees, endorses, affirms, acquiesces, stipulates, assents, accepts, conforms, contracts, pledges, cooperates, blesses, welcomes, approves, empathizes, consents, promises.

What are the four types of sanctions?

Criminal Sanctions. This type of criminal sanctioning involves judges or juries punishing an individual for committing a crime. Common sanctions include imprisonment, probation, fines and community service.