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What are the largest longboard wheels?

What are the largest longboard wheels?

Wheel Size The size of skateboard and longboard wheels around the world is their diameter in millimeters (mm). Compared to small shortboard skate wheels (under 60 mm), longboard wheels are massive, reaching up to over 100 mm!

Do bigger wheels go faster on a longboard?

Smaller wheels are easier to push and accelerate quickly, but bigger wheels are faster overall and tend to have a higher top speed. These wheels are made from a dense fast-rolling urethane. They’ll speed up the ride on any longboard, and will have a fast top speed and above-average acceleration.

What size wheels are good for longboard?

Longboard Wheel Size The first decision you need to make when choosing longboard wheels is what size you want. Most longboard wheels are between 64-80mm in diameter with 70mm being the most common size. The most important thing to consider is whether the wheels will fit on your setup without causing wheelbite.

Can you slide with 78a wheels?

If your wheel of choice has a large core, 74a-78a will be ok. If not, then go for a wheel between 78a-80a. I suggest this hardness because they will provide a smooth slide with good braking power. For beginners, look to the slightly harder formulas for easier sliding.

Should I loosen my longboard wheels?

Loosening the nuts a bit can allow your wheels to spin normally again. Untighten the bolts just enough to have a little play side to side. Don’t make them too loose though, or they’ll eventually come off the axle.

Are 85a wheels good for sliding?

For longboard applications, where you are on rough roads a lot of the time, a softer wheel (75a) will be grippier, with a “grabby” slide, and a harder wheel (85a) will be slidier but also can be hard to control and bring back into grip. Around the middle (78-82a) is the best balance for most longboard wheels.

Are 54mm wheels good for tricks?

54mm is probably the best all rounder if you are looking at skating a big variety of terrain. This size seems to provide most skateboarders with the perfect blend of speed and acceleration. This really is the Goldilocks zone of wheel size choice.

What size wheel is best for a longboard?

Opt for larger wheels if you have a long deck (40″ and up);

  • Opt for smaller wheels if you have a shorter longboard;
  • Smaller wheels may work with a long deck,but the quality of ride will downgrade;
  • Larger wheels won’t work with a shorter deck because they will create friction with the bottom of it,making you stop suddenly.
  • What is the best longboard wheel?

    Commonly seen on the most popular sliding longboards, the Sector 9 Slide Butterballs are regarded as the best longboard sliding wheels on the market currently. They are sold in sizes ranging from 65-80mm with a 65 mm diameter being the most popular.

    What size longboard wheels for cruising?

    Best Longboard Wheels for Cruising Earthwing Superballs Floater Red / White Longboard Wheels – 70mm 78a (Set of 4) They’re 70mm tall and 46mm wide with a large supportive core. Venom Cannibals White / Green Longboard Wheels – 72mm 80a (Set of 4) These wheels come in 80a as well as 82a and 317 and 327 urethane. KRYPTONICS Star Trac Re-Issue Skateboard Longboard Wheels 60mm 86a Green.

    Can you put longboard wheels on a regular skateboard?

    Longboard wheels are larger than standard skateboard ones so they’re better for coping with rough road surfaces, among other things. You can put these on regular skateboards, but you’re very likely to get wheelbite as you turn.