What breweries are in Des Moines Iowa?

What breweries are in Des Moines Iowa?

The Best 10 Breweries in Des Moines, IA

  • Lua Brewing. 0.3 mi. Breweries.
  • Confluence Brewing Company. 1.7 mi. 101 reviews.
  • Exile Brewing Company. 0.6 mi. 275 reviews.
  • 1717 Brewing. 1.2 mi. Breweries.
  • Peace Tree – Des Moines Branch. 1.2 mi. $$ Breweries.
  • Uptown Garage Brewing. 9.6 mi. Breweries.
  • Iowa Taproom. 1.2 mi.
  • Fox Brewing. 4.5 mi.

Who owns Confluence Brewing Company?

John Martin
Brewery owner talks about making your business relevant. In 2012, John Martin left his job in construction management to follow a longtime passion: brewing beer. The result is Confluence Brewing Company, which he opened with co-founder Ken Broadhead and which has grown into a popular fixture in Des Moines.

Who owns Peace Tree Brewing?

Baumann connected with Megan McKay, owner of Peace Tree Brewing who had just opened a branch of Peace Tree in Des Moines’ East Village and is excited to announce that renovation is underway for a taproom in Grinnell.

Who owns the Iowa taproom?

Full Court Press
The Iowa Taproom is located at 215 East 3rd Street in Des Moines’ East Village/Capital area and is owned by Full Court Press, the hospitality company that owns numerous Des Moines craft beer-centric bars including the El Bait Shop and Hessen Haus.

How many microbreweries are in Iowa?

Iowa currently boasts over 100 breweries with many more in the planning stages.

When did Confluence Brewing open?

Confluence has been pouring pints of Capital Gold since the brewery first opened its doors on the south side of Gray’s Lake in 2012.

Which tree is a symbol of peace?

The tree of peace: Symbolic and spiritual values of the white pine | Treesearch.

Where is Peace Tree Brewery?

Knoxville, Iowa
Peace Tree Brewing Company is dedicated to brewing handcrafted, full-flavored beers with a great attention to quality. Our brewery began in 2009 in a former Nash Rambler car dealership on Main Street in Knoxville, Iowa.

Who owns the Royal Mile Des Moines?

The Massoths, Andy, 47, and Dan, 44, said they and their partners saw an opportunity to capitalize on consumer demand as they opened The Royal Mile, FCP’s second downtown bar.

Who owns the chicken in Orillia?

Pragnesh Patel
location will employ 12 to 20 local people depending on how business goes for the new restaurant. The restaurant will be owned by Orillia resident Pragnesh Patel.

What beer is brewed in Iowa?


1 Founders KBS Maple Mackinac Fudge Founders Brewing Company (Mahou San Miguel)
2 Founders KBS Espresso Founders Brewing Company (Mahou San Miguel)
3 Founders Panther Cub Founders Brewing Company (Mahou San Miguel)
4 Toppling Goliath King Sue – Double Dry Hop Toppling Goliath Brewing Co.

What beers are made in Iowa?

Iowa Craft Beers List: The Newest & Popular Local Beers

  • Big Grove Brewery. Festbier.
  • PIVO Brewery. Decorah Nordic Gruit.
  • SingleSpeed Brewing Co. Tip the Cow.
  • Gezellig Brewing Co. Hugzilla Rye Hazy Double IPA.
  • PIVO Brewery. Old Balltown BBBASCDCBMS.
  • Kalona Brewing Company.
  • NoCoast Beer Co.
  • Toppling Goliath Brewing Company.

Who is 515 Brewing Company?

Centrally located in the Des Moines metro area and on the Clive Greenbelt Trail, 515 Brewing Company is known for handcrafting some of the best beers in Iowa. With a seven-barrel brew system and over 150 (and growing) recipes we have beer for the purists, the I-only-like-light-beer set and the beer adventurous.

Where is exile brewed?

Enjoy your favorite Exile food and beer from home! Every drop of our beer is brewed, bottled, kegged, and canned at our downtown Des Moines location. Our team takes great pride in the brewery we’ve been building since 2012. Schedule a tour, we love showing it off!

Why choose confluence brewery?

If you savor beer as both a bold taste adventure in the present and a connection with generations past, Confluence Brewery was founded for you. We’re devoted to creating a confluence of great beer, good friends and wonderful times — and look forward to bringing you together with a pint very soon.

How do I get to kinship Brewing Co?

The best way to get to Kinship Brewing Co is to find your way to the corner of Hickman Ave & N 10th Ave and follow the map. From Hickman/Hwy 6: