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What does at some level mean?

What does at some level mean?

At some level, definition, At some level, meaning | English dictionary. some (unstressed) determiner. a (a) certain unknown or unspecified.

How do you say level or at a level?

For a general term like level it depends on context. If you want to emphasize that your description has moved from one level to another, use “at”. If you are intending to talk at length about a level, use “on”.

What is the meaning of some extent?

◊ If you say that something is true to an extent, to some extent, or to a certain extent, you mean that it is partly but not completely true. To an extent, they’re both right.

What does on a personal level mean?

Definition of on a personal level : in regard to someone’s personal life She has enjoyed great success in her professional life, but, on a (more) personal level, this has been a very stressful time. He is a good boss, but I don’t get along with him on a personal level.

Does level mean floor?

Absolutely no difference, they are 100% interchangeable at all times. If you are saying second floor, you can also say second level.

How do you say to some extent?

to a certain extent

  1. moderately.
  2. partly.
  3. somewhat.
  4. by degrees.
  5. by installments.
  6. fractionally.
  7. halfway.
  8. in part.

What is a word for to some extent?

To some extent but not completely. up to a point. in part. partly. somewhat.

What does person level mean?

What does social level?

Social Level (Barseghyan-2015) states “The level of the scientific community and its mosaic of accepted theories and employed methods.”

Is level and flat the same?

Therefore, flat surfaces are generally inclined a few degrees to aid water run off. The car is on a completely flat road, but the road is not level. The house in the background is level. In contrast, a level plane is one that is horizontal to the ground.

What is considered level?

Level refers to something being straight horizontally, or side to side without tilt. A level tool can help you make sure objects are both level and plumb. This makes it easier to build structures like decks.

What is another word some?

synonyms for some

  • a few.
  • any.
  • a bit.
  • a little.
  • part of.