What does Shimano equipped mean?

What does Shimano equipped mean?

Shimano is by far the biggest manufacturer of bicycle components, so an equipped Shimano bike is simply a bike with Shimano components, such as gears and brakes.

What is it called when you give someone a ride on your bike?

–verb (t) 1. to convey as a second person on a horse, bicycle, or motorcycle. –noun 2.

What is the meaning of peloton?

In French, “peloton” literally means “ball,” but it is most often used with the meaning “group.” It’s frequently used in the bicycling context, just as in English, but it can also refer to a group in a marathon or other sporting event.

What does GC mean in bike racing?

General Classification
The jerseys Yellow – overall leader. Also known as the maillot jaune, the yellow jersey is worn by the rider who is the General Classification (GC) leader, riding the race in the least amount of time.

Where is Shimano based?


Type Public KK
Industry Leisure/Transport
Founded February 1921
Founders Shozaburo Shimano
Headquarters 3-77 Oimatsu-cho, Sakai-ku, Sakai City, Osaka Prefecture 590-8577, Japan

Are Shimano components good?

As one of the ‘big three’ drivetrain component manufacturers (the other two being SRAM and Campagnolo), Shimano groupsets and parts are always well-made, usually well-regarded and often well-priced.

What is another word for Rider?

What is another word for rider?

horseman horsewoman
equestrian jockey
cowboy gaucho
horse-rider horseback rider
cavalier knight

What is the lead cyclist called?

From French, literally “pursuer”. A cyclist or group of cyclists who are separated from and behind the leader(s) (tête de la course) but in front of the main group. (peloton).

How do cyclists pee?

Some riders stop at the side of the road to go for a pee. If the need to pee is only really affecting one rider, it’s common practice for the cross-legged individual to make their way to the front of the peloton before stopping off, to give themselves the longest possible window during which to empty their bladder.

What is a Puncheur in cycling?

A puncheur or puncher is a road bicycle racer who specialises in rolling terrain with short but steep climbs. …

What does parcours mean in cycling?

Parcours. The ‘course’ or route the race is taking.

What is the meaning of derailleur?

English Language Learners Definition of derailleur. : a part on a bicycle that is used to change gears by moving the chain from one gear to another one.

How does a derailleur gear system work?

Your derailleur gear system consists of: Shifter – The device you use to change gear, that is to make the chain move between cogs. This may be a lever, twist grip or other. Most bikes will have two shifters. Chainrings – These are the one, two or three cogs that are between your feet and on which the chain runs.

What is the antonym for equipped?

Near Antonyms for equipped. deprived, dispossessed, divested, stripped. (also stript) See the Dictionary Definition. Keep scrolling for more. Comments on equipped.

Why does the front derailleur have more teeth than the rear?

The jump in the number of teeth between the different sized chainrings is far greater than between the sprockets on the rear wheel. The front derailleur is a very different device to the rear and the advice to ignore the numbers on the shifter holds even truer for this.