What does surname Xu mean?

What does surname Xu mean?

Meaning. to allow. Other names. Variant form(s) Xu, Hsu (Mandarin)

How common is last name Xu?

Xu Surname Distribution Map

Place Incidence Frequency
Taiwan 785,586 1:30
Thailand 38,673 1:1,827
United States 30,301 1:11,962
Singapore 23,997 1:230

Is Xu a boy or girl name?

Xu – Girl’s name meaning, origin, and popularity | BabyCenter.

Who is Xu?

Xǔ (state) (许), was a vassal state of the Zhou dynasty. Xu (surname), one of two Chinese surnames (徐 or 许/許), transliterated as Xu in English. ǃXu, a name for the ǃKung group of Bushmen; may also refer to the ǃKung language or the ǃKung people.

What nationality is Xu?

Xu (surname 徐)

Language(s) Chinese
Meaning slowly
Other names
Variant form(s) Xu, Hsu, Shyu (Mandarin) Chui, Tsui, Choi, Tsua (Cantonese) Zee (Wu Chinese) Sy, Djie, Tjhie, Chi, Tjie (Hakka) Su, Chi, Chee, Swee, Shui (Hokkien) Sher, Ser (Teochew)

What is Xu in Chinese?

Xu is a Chinese surname that can be spelled in 4 different ways in Chinese: 许 / 許 [Xu] Meaning: to allow, to permit, to promise, to praise, somewhat, perhaps. Dialects : Mandarin.

What ethnicity is Xu?

Xu (Chinese: 徐; pinyin: Xú; Wade–Giles: Hsü2; Jyutping: Ceoi4) is a Chinese surname….Xu (surname 徐)

Language(s) Chinese
Meaning slowly
Other names

How is Xu pronounced in Chinese?

For instance to pronounce ‘xu’, first say she, then keep everything fixed but round your lips. The rounded front vowel may appear elsewhere in pinyin, and may be informally written as ‘v’. Formally it is represented by umlauted u, i.e. a ‘u’ with two dots on top.

Where is the last name Xu from?

What does Xu mean in Chinese?

Xu (Chinese: 徐; pinyin: Xú; Wade–Giles: Hsü2; Jyutping: Ceoi4) is a Chinese surname. It is different from Xu (surname 許), represented by a different character.

How did Xu get his last name?

The Zhou king, Mu Wang, was far away to the west in the Kunlun mountains, but raced back to confront and defeat the Xu prince (see Chao 1). Mu Wang then granted the state of Xu to the defeated prince’s son, giving him the ‘style name’ of Xu. Descendants of this new ruler eventually adopted Xu as their surname.

Who is Xu Jie in Chinese?

Xu Jie (Ming dynasty), (1503-1583) 44th Senior Grand Secretary of the Ming Dynasty. Xu Minghao, (徐明浩, born 1997) Chinese member of the South Korean boyband Seventeen, known by his stage name The8

How do you spell 徐 in Japanese?

In modern Vietnamese, the character 徐 is written Từ when migrating to the English-speaking World, particularly the United States. Other spellings include Hee and Hu . In Japanese, the surname 徐 is transliterated as Omomuro (kunyomi) or Jo ( onyomi or Sino-Japanese).