What does TAIG stand for?

What does TAIG stand for?

Taig is a derogatory term for an Irish Catholic. It is mainly used by sectarian loyalists in Northern Ireland and Scotland. It has been used in sectarian slogans such as “Kill All Taigs”, “All Taigs Are Targets”.

What is a Hun in Northern Ireland?

“Huns” usually refers to Rangers fans in the main, but also can be used to refer to Hearts , Kilmarnock and even fans from clubs from outside Scotland who sympathise with them.

What is the Irish word for a person who is Irish and Catholic?

A Catholic, particularly of Irish descent. (slang) A person of Irish descent.

Where did the term Fenian come from?

Fenian, member of an Irish nationalist secret society active chiefly in Ireland, the United States, and Britain, especially during the 1860s. The name derives from the Fianna Eireann, the legendary band of Irish warriors led by the fictional Finn MacCumhaill (MacCool).

What does TIG mean in Irish?


Derivation Proto-Celtic *tazgj-o-
Meaning poet, philosopher, storyteller
Other names
Short form(s) Tig

What does Kat stand for in Northern Ireland?

KAT. A term used in graffiti to demark the sectarian allegiance of an area in Northern Ireland. It is an abbreviation for “Kill All Tims”.

What is a Tim?

A Tim is simply a Celtic supporter, and is a regular self-referential term used by Celtic supporters. The origin is thought to come from a Catholic gang from Calton in the early 1900’s, which named itself the “Tim Malloys” supposedly after the leader of the gang.

Why are Protestant called Huns?

Name-calling is routine: Catholic boys call Protestants “huns” who “love Hitler” because they allegedly originated from Germany. Protestant boys say Catholics are “Taigs” with “funny names” who “breed like dogs”.

What do Protestants call Catholics in Northern Ireland?

In the context of segregation in Northern Ireland and sectarianism in Glasgow, the term “Taig” is used as a derogatory term for a Roman Catholic, used by Northern Irish Protestants and Ulster loyalists.

What is the plural of TIG?

Noun. tig (plural tigs)