What happened to Jason Boland?

What happened to Jason Boland?

The band’s front man, Dana Hazzard, was the original fiddle player for the Stragglers. In 2008, just before the release of the album Comal County Blue, Boland ruptured a vocal cord. The injury almost caused him to permanently lose his singing voice, but after surgery and resting his voice, he recovered.

How old is Jason Boland?

Boland, 34, has managed to hold on and is now writing the best material of his career, his most recent album, Comal County Blue, ringing with a clear-eyed honesty that eschews both sentimentality and regret.

Where are Jason Boland and the stragglers from?

Harrah, OK
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Was Jason Boland in cross canadian ragweed?

Jason Boland & The Stragglers, Wade Bowen, Stoney LaRue, Lee Ann Womack, Mike McClure Band, Reckless Kelly, No Justice, Jonathan Tyler and the Northern Lights, Brandon Jenkins, Seth James. Cross Canadian Ragweed was an American rock band formed in Yukon, Oklahoma in 1994.

Where is Jason Boland from?

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Is Jason Boland married?

jason boland. In happy news, Jason Boland and his fiance Mandy tied the knot last Monday. It was a private wedding in Eureka Springs. Congratulations to the newlyweds, see the newlyweds here.

Is Cross Canadian Ragweed Red Dirt?

Cross Canadian Ragweed Cross Canadian Ragweed became perhaps the most well-known Red Dirt band in the nation, bringing further attention to the Stillwater scene. One of CCR’s first albums was a live album recorded at the Wormy Dog Saloon.

Will Cross Canadian Ragweed ever get back together?

Some rumors were swirling about a Cross Canadian Ragweed reunion of sorts at the festival, but unfortunately for Ragweed fans, that won’t be the case. However there will be plenty of Cody Canada, and other artists singing Ragweed songs.

What genre is Whiskey Myers?

Country music
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What genre is Koe Wetzel?

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How old is Cody Canada?

45 years (May 25, 1976)
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How is Wade Bowen related to Cody Canada?

Dierks plays in a band called Waves, and has been featured in live shows with Cody. He is also the brother in law of fellow red dirt musician Wade Bowen, who married his sister-in-law Shelby.