What happened to Old Chicago restaurants?

What happened to Old Chicago restaurants?

Old Chicago’s parent company, CraftWorks, filed for bankruptcy in early March then closed all company-owned restaurants later that month after COVID-19 lockdowns took effect (via FSR).

How many Old Chicago restaurants are there?

Old Chicago Pizza & Taproom CraftWorks Restaurants & Breweries operates 60 restaurants under the name Old Chicago.

Did Old Chicago go out of business?

The parent of the Logan’s Roadhouse and Old Chicago casual chains said it is “mothballing” all 261 of its restaurants after a lender withdrew financing to keep the bankrupt company in operation until it could emerge from Chapter 11 protection. All of the restaurants have been closed.

Did rock bottom go out of business?

On Monday, Rock Bottom La Jolla closed. On Tuesday, its owner — CraftWorks Holdings, which operates hundreds of breweries and casual restaurants across the country, including the Rock Bottom, Gordon Biersch, Old Chicago, Logan’s Roadhouse and ChopHouse chains — filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy.

What happened rock bottom?

Craftworks Holdings, the holding company for the Colorado-created Rock Bottom Restaurant & Brewery and Old Chicago Pizza & Taproom chains, filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection on March 3 — a move that came in the same week that the struggling enterprise has closed several locations nationwide, including the Rock …

Who owns Big River Grille?

CraftWorks Restaurants and Breweries, Inc.
Big River is now owned and operated by CraftWorks Restaurants and Breweries, Inc., and includes multiple locations while holding onto its riverboat charm.

Did Old Chicago change their menu?

In an effort to attract a broader audience, Old Chicago is rebranding itself with a new restaurant design and menu — and a new name. Formerly Old Chicago Pasta & Pizza, the 37-year-old concept has been renamed Old Chicago Pizza & Taproom in an effort to emphasize craft and local beers. The 94-unit Broomfield, Colo.

Who bought out Old Chicago?

A Nashville-based hospitality group has taken over operations and management of former Craftworks Holdings brands Logan’s Roadhouse, Old Chicago Pizza & Taproom and other concepts after a bankruptcy court cleared the sale last month, according to a news release.

What is the oldest Italian restaurant in Chicago?

Sunny Italy Café, the oldest Italian restaurant in South Bend, IN, opened in 1926. The Italian Village, “the oldest Italian restaurant in Chicago,” opened in 1927 by Alfredo Capitanini and is still family owned.

What is the most famous steakhouse in Chicago?

Chicago Cut Steakhouse. 300 N LaSalle Dr, Chicago, IL, 60654. A favorite among celebrities and executives, Chicago Cut is one of the most popular steakhouses in the city. The modern-yet-elegant restaurant sits next to the Chicago River , making it an ideal spot for a power lunch or celebratory dinner.

What is the most famous pizza in Chicago?

Chicago-style pizza. The most famous is deep-dish pizza. The pan in which it is baked gives the pizza its characteristically high edge which gives a lot of space for large amounts of cheese and a chunky tomato sauce. Chicago-style pizza may be prepared in deep-dish style and as a stuffed pizza.