What happened to the Maytag repairman?

What happened to the Maytag repairman?

Jesse White, a character actor who appeared in scores of film and stage productions but earned universal recognition in a television commercial as the Maytag repairman whose phone never rings, died on Thursday at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles. He was 79.

Who was the lonely Maytag repairman?

Jesse White
Jesse White played the role for more than two decades, filming 68 commercials as the character who cultivates habits such as solitaire, crossword puzzles and bead work because he is rarely called upon to repair a machine. He would also come to be known as “Ol’ Lonely.”

Is there still a Maytag Man?

Colin Ferguson (born July 22, 1972) is a Canadian-American actor, director and producer. He is known for playing Sheriff Jack Carter on the Syfy series Eureka, the Maytag Man, and Lewis on Then Came You….

Colin Ferguson
Years active 1995–present
Children 1

Who was the original Maytag man in the commercials?

Actor Jesse White
The loneliest guy in town was introduced in a 1967 TV commercial. Actor Jesse White played the original Maytag repairman who had no calls to make and nothing to do because of the reliability of Maytag appliances.

Is Colin Ferguson married?

Lindsay Thompsonm. 2012
Colin Ferguson/Spouse

How much does Colin Ferguson make as the Maytag Man?

Colin Ferguson (Maytag) It’s been reported that Ferguson makes as much as $1 million a year as Maytag’s go-to guy, contributing mightily to his reported net worth of $8 million, which is bolstered by his career as an actor and director in TV.

Did Mike Rowe do a Maytag commercial?

“Known as the host of Discovery Channel’s Dirty Jobs and CNN’s Somebody’s Gotta Do It and his own podcast The Way I Heard It, as well as portraying a variety of appliances in Maytag commercials, he has yet another endeavor on Facebook Watch, Returning the Favor.”

What is the Maytag man worth?

He is best known for his role as Sheriff Jack Carter on Syfy’s Eureka and as Lewis on Then Came You and probably most widely recognized as the most recent ‘Maytag Repairman’ in the appliance(s) ad for the Maytag brand….Colin Ferguson Net Worth.

Net Worth: $8 Million
Nationality: Canada

How much does the Maytag man make?

Does Mike Rowe do the Maytag commercials?

How old is Colin Ferguson?

49 years (July 22, 1972)
Colin Ferguson/Age