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What is a future fin box?

What is a future fin box?

Futures is proud to make the lightest and strongest fin system in the world! Our proven full-base system features Interwoven Laminate Technology (ILT). The cut outs in the flange create an even stronger bond to the skin of the board by allowing the resin to weave itself between the surfboard and fiberglass skin.

How long are future fin boxes?

Installing the futures style fin boxes requires a router and futures style fin box install kit. Center fin channel boxes come in two lengths, 10.5″ and 8.5″ and are installed into longboards, stand up paddle boards, and single fin surfboards to accept a center fin with screw and plate to lock the fin in position.

Are all future fins the same?

Let’s keep in mind your weight, your height, and the type of waves you plan on surfing. Noting, not all fins, work in all conditions. Determining those factors will give you the ability to move onto the most appropriate system. Both brands offer their own branded fins, but other brands make fins compatible also.

How do I know what kind of fin box I have?

To determine your fin configuration, examine the base of your surfboard near the tail. The number of fin boxes you see is the fin configuration and will likely range from 1-5. The most common surfboard fin setups are Single, Twin, Thruster and Quad.

What’s better FCS or Future fins?

While FCS was almost the only choice at the beginning of the century, Futures has grown and improved its alternative fin concept. Surf fins enthusiasts feel that Futures fins are stronger, and when they break, it’s usually in the base. All you need to do is replace the fin instead of repairing the surfboard.

What is a US fin box?

The most versatile center fin option is a US Fin Box, which is a standard in the surf industry as so many fins are available to use with this fin box. This lets you set the board up with many different combinations of center and side fin length, each of which has advantages in different conditions.

Are all single fin boxes the same?

The number of fin boxes you see is the fin configuration and will likely range from 1 to 5. The most common surfboard fin setups are Single, Twin, Thruster, and Quad. Many boards are now equipped with 5 Fin boxes so you can mix and match more easily.

What is better FCS or futures?

Are futures or FCS 2 better?

Futures boxes are allegedly more secure but cumbersome to use, requiring an ever-elusive Allen key to change fins. FCS fins are easy to swap due to their lack of screw, but this allegedly diminishes their structural integrity. Famous FCS surfers include Julian Wilson, Mick Fanning, and Gabriel Medina.

What are the two types of fin boxes?

Currently, there are 2 main fin base types on the market – Single Tab also known as Futures Fins and Twin Tab also known as FCS II Fins. The predecessors to FCS II fins are FCS I Fins. You can now get infill kits for FCS II fin boxes so you can still use your favourite FCS I Fins in your new board.

Are all fin boxes the same?

FIN SETUPS. Surfboards come in a variety of different fin setups depending on the shape of the board. If you flip the board upside down, you can count the number of fin boxes to determine your configuration, ranging from 1-5 fins.

Where are Futures fins made?

Huntington Beach, California
Molded carbon fiber made in Huntington Beach, California that delivers every bit of performance you’d expect from an upgrade fin at a Balanced Ride Number.