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What is an officer strength manager?

What is an officer strength manager?

The Officer Strength Manager works with officers in the IRR, other states, and officers who have resigned from the military but want to come back in. They help the officers complete their packets and oversee the entire process.

How long is National Guard OCS?

15 to 18 month
The state OCS program is a 15 to 18 month course of instruction conducted from March to August the following year. The OCS Academy is located at the National Guard Training Center in Sea Girt, NJ. Upon successful completion of OCS, you will become a commissioned officer in the Army National Guard.

Do national guard officers go to Bolc?

After you have been assigned your branch and given a commission, you will be required to attend Basic Officer Leaders Course (BOLC). Officers that have branched to the national guard or reserve will go to whatever unit they have chosen and will continue to train part time with them as a platoon leader.

Does National Guard have OCS?

The National Guard depends on strong leaders: its commissioned officers. And the place where they’re made is Officer Candidate School. DEVELOP THE SKILLS TO BE A LEADER. Officer Candidate School (OCS) is an intense leadership training ground.

Can you be in college and National Guard at the same time?

By joining the Army National Guard, you can attend college full-time, serve your country and community and train for a military occupational specialty (MOS). This means you can attend college full or part time and even have time to work another part-time job on top of receiving your monthly Guard paycheck.

How do I join the Massachusetts National Guard?

How do I join? The most direct route is to contact a local National Guard recruiter. For information about the Massachusetts Army National Guard click here or call 1-800-GOGUARD (1-800-464-8273). For information about the Massachusetts Air National Guard click here or call 1-800-ToGoANG (1-800-864-6264).

What happens after OCS National Guard?

After OCS, a newly commissioned officer will attend Basic Officer Leader Course (BOLC). This is a three-phase training program designed to provide initial military training for junior commissioned and warrant officers in both active and reserve components.

Do officers get bonuses?

There are many opportunities to earn money in the Army in addition to basic pay. Bonuses may be available for new recruits, Soldiers, and officers who select specific Army jobs, complete special training, assume extra responsibilities, or have served in the military before.

What is the officer accession bonus?

Officer/Warrant Officer Accession Bonus: An officer or person who accepts a commission or appointment in the Army Reserve, meets all eligibility criteria, and executes an agreement to serve in an identified job skill for a minimum four year term of service may qualify for a bonus up to $60,000.

Are National Guard officers full time?

Absolutely. Your Guard service is only part time – typically one weekend per month, and one two-week period each year. Plus, the Guard can help you pay for college or prepare to become an officer.