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What is another word for many options?

What is another word for many options?

having many different parts, elements, forms, etc. numerous and varied; greatly diverse or manifold: multifarious activities.

What’s another way to say different types?


  • different.
  • diverse.
  • diversified.
  • heterogeneous.
  • hybrid.
  • indiscriminate.
  • mixed.
  • motley.

What words are related to swimming?


  • bathe.
  • crawl.
  • dive.
  • float.
  • glide.
  • paddle.
  • submerge.
  • wade.

What are some synonyms for choices?

synonyms for choices

  • decision.
  • favorite.
  • finding.
  • judgment.
  • option.
  • pick.
  • preference.
  • variety.

What is a word for the only option?

What is another word for only choice?

Hobson’s choice lack of choice
no alternative no choice
without choice zero option

What do this word mean options?

noun. the power or right of choosing. something that may be or is chosen; choice. the act of choosing. an item of equipment or a feature that may be chosen as an addition to or replacement for standard equipment and features: a car with a long list of extra-cost options; a telephoto lens option for a camera.

What’s another word for completely different?

What is another word for completely different?

poles apart antithetical
incompatible irreconcilable
antipodal directly opposed
miles apart widely separated
worlds apart at opposite extremes

How do you say someone is different in a good way?

Unique as One and Only “Unique” can be used to describe something or someone as distinctive, or as having an appealing (pleasant) quality different from others. You might also say singular, meaning an individual thing or person better than expected.

What is the act of swimming called?

stroke. noun. a style of swimming, or one complete movement of the arms and legs in swimming.

How do you call a swimmer?

Swimmer synonyms

  1. natator. Swimmer.
  2. gymnast (related)
  3. rower (related)
  4. triathlete (related)
  5. bather. One who bathes or swims.
  6. triathletes (related)
  7. paddler (related)
  8. runner (related)

What’s another word for top choice?

What is another word for top choice?

best choice pick
option gem
pearl selection
choicest discretion
tops volition

What’s a word for picking and choosing?

What is another word for pick and choose?

cherry-pick choose
prefer name
handpick tag
cull opt for
single out pick out

What is a synonym for swim?

Swim synonyms. Top synonyms for swim (other words for swim) are swimming, float and bathe.

What is another word for ▀swimming ▁?

Synonyms for swimming include aquatics, bathing, floating, natation, supernatation, transnatation, dizziness, giddiness, vertigo and natatory. Find more similar words

What is a good sentence for swim?

“The aquatic animals can’t swim in shallow water areas.” “Montgolfier was struck by observing the manner in which clouds swim through the air.” “The patties swim in gravy and get completely soggy somewhere between the restaurant and your place of residence.” “The musty aroma of the incense made her head swim .”

What is the best quote about swimming?

“The swimming of my head the day after a big night out was almost unbearable.” “The next fossil supposedly spanning the transition is the Ambulocetus Natans, which is a swimming mammal.” “The aquatic animals can’t swim in shallow water areas.”