What is AquaMatic valve?

What is AquaMatic valve?

technology flow control products AquaMatic® valves, stagers and controllers are key components in systems that improve water, concentrate wastes and enable clean water to be recycled or returned to the environment.

What are diaphragm valves used for?

In simple terms, the main purpose of a diaphragm solenoid valve is to control the flow of liquids and gases. Diaphragm solenoid valves have a rubber diaphragm that moves up and down within the body of the valve, causing opening and closing against a hard seat.

What are diaphragm valves made of?

Diaphragm valves (or membrane valves) consists of a valve body with two or more ports, an elastomeric diaphragm, and a “weir or saddle” or seat upon which the diaphragm closes the valve. The valve body may be constructed from plastic, metal, wood or other materials depending on the intended use.

What does aquamatic mean?

n a yellow fuming corrosive mixture of one part nitric acid and three to four parts hydrochloric acid, used in metallurgy for dissolving metals, including gold, (Also called) nitrohydrochloric acid.

What are the 2 types of diaphragm valves?

There are two main designs of diaphragm valves in industry: the weir/saddle type diaphragm valve and the straight-through/full bore diaphragm valve. These valves function similarly but only differ in their body shape, diaphragm, and application.

How does a 3 port control valve work?

This type of three way motorised valve has port A normally closed with no power to the valve. In this state, water can flow from port AB to port B. When the electrical supply is activated, the actuator motor overcomes the force of the internal spring and closes port B. This allows water to flow from port AB to port A.

What is S and Y plan?

S and Y plans have been designed to give you close control of your central heating system, ensuring that your heated water is diverted to the correct areas. S and Y plans are also a way to ensure that your boiler interlock works.

How do I know what Aquamatic valve I have?

To find what AquaMatic valve is right for you, or what AquaMatic Valve you have, use our product selector. With a Normally Open valve the pressure in the line of liquid or air flowing through it will keep the valve open unless control pressure closes it.

How does a diaphragm valve work?

AquaMatic Series Diaphragm Valves are equipped with a 3-way solenoid for direct or remote control. The solenoid can be actuated by a timer, pressure or temperature sensor or liquid-level switch. These valves are ideal for automated process systems.

What is a pre-formed diaphragm?

Pre-formed, stress relieved diaphragm minimizes fatigue, maximizes valve responsiveness and diaphragm lifetime Designed for water treatment applications including those requiring acids, caustic and harsh chemicals that would rapidly corrode metal valves Warranty: Three Year Limited Warranty Covering Material and Workmanship Defects.

What are the advantages of a separate diaphragm chamber?

Separate diaphragm chambers protects the diaphragm from the flow stream, while allowing the valve to be serviced in-line Pre-formed, stress relieved diaphragm minimizes fatigue, maximizes valve responsiveness and diaphragm lifetime